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  1. Disney is failing at ambition. There’s rarely any substantial and quality new content but they have some heavy hitter series left(mainly marvel and classic disney movies) that will outlive their “owners..” Let go of the international thr parks and focus on what people do 24/7, stare at a screen. Grab some great new talented directors. Stay far away from the Disney series of old. And, start acquiring, developing and creating talent, content and innovators. Don’t sell..acquire! Shareholders would love to see beloved franchises on Disney+ because right now, all you have is marvel and Stat wars. There’s rarely a new show or movie from Disney that subscribers are anticipating. Quit regurgitating old stories and wasting money trying to update them. WRITE NEW ONES! When did Disney go from being the beloved reliable movie machine and turn into this cowardly, profit driven, regurgitated form of its former self? Take some swings on NEW and quit trying to rewrite the old. That’s why marvel and star wars content is successful. It may be based on old source material but the creators are given license to breathe creativity and forge the production companies paths for them by expanding. Disney content isn’t expanding. It’s recycling. All this company needs is a simple attitude adjustment of whoever the present “Walt” is, and Disney could reclaim its former status as a place creators go to innovate and start producing gems instead recycled plastic bottles. Stop chopping your self up and start grabbing. Netflix always has something new, most of it is terrible, but it’s better then going to Disney+ and seeing that nothing has been added and all you do is see when the next season of Loki starts, cancel subscription, and then resubscribe for that brief 6-9 week period before realizing it’ll be an eternity before actual appealing content is to be released, and quickly cancel again. Before HBO sold out and dmbecame Max, they kept each year entertaining by constantly releasing new, innovative, and sometimes timeless content, all year long. There’s always a great new show or next season that is released the following week after the last great show’s seasons were wrapping. And then they always had staple series (ie. Real time, last week tonight, John Wilson, etc) that have you coming back. Anx then you have the movies… and always the best ones and recently, like that deal they had with WB releasing new movies on their platform, was genius. But now they’re going too far in thr same direction thst you should be going. HBO is now diluting its appeal while Disney is just becoming apathetic. Walt would be disgusted at the lack of ingenuity.

  2. JN

    Disney attendance levels at its parks are at a all-time high.

    The magic remains at its theme parks and its cruise line. Protect and cherish it.

    Enough of Star Wars and yes, streaming is boring. There is no loyalty for subscriptions at any one site.

    Parks still rule!

  3. Crystal Ryan

    Please Disney plus don’t sell this website my Godchildren love Disney plus and I love it to and this Ishtar right at all

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