‘007’ Producer Releases Update on the Next James Bond

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Daniel Craig as James Bond in 'No Time to Die'

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Previous to a magical nanny caring for some spirited kids, the daunting quest to Mordor, or even the creation of a Wizarding World, there was another popular British franchise that conquered Hollywood. The 007 franchise has been an ongoing film anthology that has enthralled audiences for over six decades. Now, since the Daniel Craig era ended in 2021, the world has been anticipating who will be the next actor to don the legendary codename.

Daniel Craig as James Bond
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007 or Bond, James Bond was based on the literary creation by Ian Fleming. The author most likely drew his inspiration from his time as a Commander in British Naval Intelligence during WWII. Fleming made Bond the top spy operative for the British Secret Service or MI6. He was a renaissance man that was highly trained in foreign intelligence, combat, weapons, gambling, and “target seduction.” The success in the series’ literary sales soon captured the interest of MGM Studios who would later acquire the rights to the British spy thriller.

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The franchise was spearheaded by producer, Albert R. Broccoli, who debuted Dr. No in 1962. It became a monumental hit for the studio that would eventually become one of the most profitable franchises in cinematic history. Broccoli continued to run the series for 33 years until his last Bond film, GoldenEye (1995). The legendary producer decided to keep James Bond a family affair as he passed the torch to his daughter, Barbara.

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Current 007 franchise producer Barbara Broccoli has finally answered the big media question on who will be the new James Bond. She stated that she and the executives “haven’t even begun” the process. Broccoli expressed that before they can cast a new 007, the character must be “reinvented for the next chapter” to adapt to an ever-modernizing audience.

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She continued with her line of reasoning by reflecting on Craig’s casting back in 2005. Craig was the most dynamic casting choice since the franchise began with Sean Connery. He did not look similar to any previous Bond with his blonde hair, overtly muscular physique and a more rugged demeanor. Broccoli expressed that picking a new Bond meant to examine how the world has evolved since the last one. The new movie has to capture this change.

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Broccoli continued with, “I go back to GoldenEye when everyone was saying ‘the Cold War is over, the wall is over, Bond is dead, no need for Bond, the whole world’s at peace and now there’s no villains’ – and boy was that wrong!” She professed that modernization is necessary whenever a new actor adopts the part. They “wanted to focus on what a 21st-century hero would look like” when working with Craig.

Daniel Craig as James Bond facing Spectre
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The long-time 007 producer elaborated, “Daniel gave us the ability to mine the character’s emotional life… and the world was ready for it. These films, in my opinion, accurately capture the times they are set in, and we haven’t even started the long road ahead of us in terms of reimagining it for the next chapter.” It seems that until the character is updated to the creative team’s liking, no new actor will be announced to the fanbase.

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Barbara Broccoli chose to expand on the upcoming Bond-themed Amazon Prime Video series, 007 Road to a Million instead. She addressed that the series is “a nice fun thing to be doing in the meantime.” Broccoli was involved in the casting process for the international adventure series, which pits nine regular people against one another in Bond-related locales in an attempt to win £1 million. This new series marks the first time the James Bond brand has been permitted to be utilized in an unscripted TV series.

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Broccoli finished her statement by reiterating that her primary focus is “making the feature films,” but she hopes that the new show will satisfy fans until they move on to the next era of 007.

What do you think of her reasoning as to why they have not cast for James Bond yet? How long do you think it will take?

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