New ‘007’ TV Series Debuts First Trailer on James Bond Day

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Before a magical nanny cared for some precocious children or a perilous journey was made to Mordor, or even before there was a Wizarding World, there was another popular British franchise to dominate Hollywood. The James Bond franchise is an ongoing film franchise that has captivated generations for 61 years. Each time a new actor would take up the mantle, they would be forever connected to that legacy. In the wake of Daniel Craig’s retirement, a new 007 series will enroll new recruits to determine if they can fill in the famous spy’s shoes.

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James Bond was originally a literary creation by Ian Fleming. The author drew inspiration from many interactions as a Commander in British Naval Intelligence during WWII. Bond was one of the top spy operatives for the British Secret Service or MI6. He was a jack-of-all-trades with extensive training in foreign intelligence, combat, weapons, gambling, and womanizing. The legendary character would make his novel debut in 1953 with “Casino Royale.”

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Fleming would churn out 12 successful 007 books in 10 years. Its triumphant in literary sales would translate to the big screen as MGM Studios would later acquire the rights to the British spy thriller. Dr. No (1962) would become a massive hit for the studio and James Bond would go onto become one of the most profitable franchises in cinematic history.

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Bond would be portrayed by several illustrious actors over its six decade run. Legendary Scottish actor, Sean Connery, would originate the role until 1967, followed by one movie stints by David Niven and George Lazenby. Next would be Roger Moore, who would become one of the most recognizable Bonds by playing the character brilliantly for 12 years.

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After that classic tenure, celebrated thespian, Timothy Dalton, would take over the role in the 80s. Then, Irish actor Pierce Brosnan would shake a new martini of life into the franchise as more visual effects and action were implemented into the series. The most recent Bond was played by Daniel Craig who reignited a new generation of fans with the cinematic reimagining of Fleming’s first story, Casino Royale. Craig would finally end the portrayal’s longest tenancy of 15 years in 2021.

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While there has been countless internet speculation of who could be the next 007, a new Prime Video series will try to fill the void until that long-awaited question is answered. Succession star, Brian Cox, will host a 007-themed reality show called — 007: Road to a Million. The series will follow nine pairs of normal citizens who must globetrot on an epic adventure, solving Bond-inspired challenges. This competition will compel the contestants to unleash their “inner spy” as the winners must use their cunning, athleticism and sleuthing skills to win over a million dollar prize.

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The first trailer debuted today on Bond Day, James Bond Day. Brian Cox narrates what viewers can expect from the action-packed series that will be like The Amazing Race meets Fleming’s 007.

007: Road to a Million will premiere on Prime Video on November 10, 2023.

What do you think of this new series? Will this keep fans happy until the next James Bond is chosen?

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