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Guests riding the Jersey Devil at Six Flags Great Adventure

Credit: Six Flags


  1. JerseyDevil

    You do realize that this just simply returning the Drive Thru Safari BACK to what it was before the virus right? About 10 years ago the drive thru Safari was turned in to the guided tour and became Safari Off-Road Adventure.

    While the drive thru is cool, the guided tour is much better because the guide actually points out the animals as you go past them. It also allows people to ask questions

  2. Johnny D

    This is not a new thing. They were doing this for at least 3 years before covid. I think they went back to the self drive through because of social distancing, but it was necessary planned to stay that way. They didn’t want to go back to three self drive through version. I’m sure that their insurance is far lower with the guided tours. Besides not only are the animals safe this way but you can actually learn some things about the animals this way.

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