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Adults drinking around the world

Credit: Disney


  1. Beth

    Walt wanted the parks to be dry. That should have been all that was needed. MK, at the very least, should have remained dry in honor of him.

  2. Melissa

    I drink around the world to enjoy myself, not bother anyone! I let others enjoy how they want, it’s Disney for the love of God. I can’t stand the few ruining it for the rest of us. Disney should keep an eye out for those who can’t handle their alcohol and just let the rest of us enjoy the parks.

  3. Rox

    This could be controlled. Issue scannable wristband with Id and require a scan for each purchase. Stop serving after a set number. Too many stories like this.
    The thug who couldn’t handle his liquor should have been the one to leave. Not the kid. This is a family fun place, not Times Square on new year’s eve.

  4. imissWALT

    Beth, I agree! The parks Walt envisioned are being chipped away at more every year.
    Disney is supposed to be family friendly. Not so much now…

  5. Gary

    Kick him out, jail time for assaulting a minor and banned for life from all Disney property !

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