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  1. Victor Nazarian

    Disney management broke Walt’s actual most sacred rule years ago which was to always make high quality family oriented products and services. Instead they made politically oriented junk and wasted the money and good will of the customers so now they have to break more of Walt’s rules and sell as much alcohol in Disneyland as possible to get $ to cover their losses.

    1. GG

      It may seem that’s what the people want. But this is gonna cause more problems. This is why Bush Gardens closed in California because of the fights and the over drinking. He made this park for families, To enjoy a day of fun and now it’s A place of worry and concern. There will be fights there will be people’s staggering that have drank too much, it’s really sad.. Hopefully they put a limit on how much you can buy.

    2. CJA

      Disagree. Not every family today would have met Walt’s definition, just as it obviously doesn’t meet yours.

      1. BLW

        Yeah, Just what WDW needed, ALCOHOL! If you can’t restrain yourself from one (1) day of alcohol intake, to be with your family and friends sober, you have a drinking problem. Simple as that! Disney is just adding to the present day problem of alcohol harming and destroying families! Please do the right thing and quit alcohol sales completely in the parks! Walt would have wanted it that way…

        1. Sharon

          A history teacher once said that Americans had alcohol before they had clean water, juice or milk.

          It’s as simple as that.

          It’s a learned behavior that even some states unethically capitalized from. Like Texas with their ‘you can drink and drive as long as your alcohol is in a brown bag’.

          Learned behaviors.

          Stop attacking each other and simply provide a NON TRAUMATIC NON CRIMINOGENIC ENVIRONMENT


    3. Stan

      Keep telling yourself that, Skippy…. Disney made 29 billion last year in profit, up over the year before, and the year before that, and so on. The parks are raking in money hand over fist.

      Disney doesn’t have to do anything, they just WANT to make more $$$$

      Typical lying con. Just like how the barbie movie was gunna bomb, right? Ha!

  2. Bill

    When it’s my turn to run Disney….

    (picture old man shaking fist at cloud)

    … things will change.

  3. sscain

    I can understand Disney’s opinion on cotton candy/ice cream because of the clean up. However, we now have better cleaning tools and supplies than they did back in those days. However, his feelings on alcohol are still justified. Look at all the problems at Epcot with this “drinking around the world” nonsense. I have had a terribly bad experience at Epcot with one of these “groups.” It spoiled my desire to go to Epcot – formerly one of my favorite parks. So far, I’ve seen no cause to change Walt’s vision on alcohol. Yes, some adults can handle it. But there are still those “adults” who become nothing more than spoiled, entitled brats when drinking and Disney has found absolutely no solution to it ruining other guests’ experience and vacations.

    1. K

      This makes me sad as Epcot was my favorite but it has been like 12 years since I was last there. I find it so weird how so many adults are more obsessed with things like Disney and hp than kids. I mean it is fine to like things a normal amount but the obsession level is weird. They seriously make it their whole personality too. Like why take over kid places? Go to a bar or winery.

  4. James

    If I was the one running the Disney empire, I would be running things EXACTLY as Walt wanted them: there would be no sugar, no alcohol, pricing would be different, yes times change, attitude towards things change, but when your Founder has a set of rules, that is NOT NEGOTIABLE. Those rules exist for a reason, but Iger doesn’t care at all about what Walt’s dream was, or how he wanted the park to be. Bob needs to get fired!!!!

  5. Jinksy

    Why would anyone need alcohol to have a good time at Disneyland?

  6. Sven

    “While Disneyland always had drinks at the Blue Bayou and the highly exclusive Club 33…”

    Umm, no. Disneyland didn’t ALWAYS have drinks at Blue Bayou; only for the last 2⅓ years.

  7. Sue

    This was supposed to be a place for ALL families! It is now lost respect and I’m sure Walt would agree. It is for the rich and those who want to party

  8. Frank Goebel

    Since California decriminalized sex with minors and men in drag work at the park with the children it’s not too surprising. Now they and worse people can grab a drink between assaults. But with what Disney produces in movies and TV it’s not too surprising.

  9. P

    There are many things about the current Disneyland that disappoint. It is just not the Disneylsnd of my Southern CA childhood. Adding alcohol in such a way, multiple venues, is a recipe for trouble. Alcohol is frequently over indulged in resulting in bad behavior
    From mimosas at Carnation with breakfast, lunch on the riverfront with signature cocktails, and dinner in New Orleans with specialized drinks. Oh boy let’s start early. Disneyland is supposed to be about kids of all ages, not adults looking to party down.

  10. Vicki London

    There’s a demand for pot edibles too, so why not cater to them too and go completely trashy at a family park.

  11. There have been more & more group fights at Disney! And now they throw alcohol into the mix. How long before a child gets hurt in the mess?

  12. Marsha Anderson

    They are so far from what Walt Disney planned, why not just add alcohol to the mix? As with everything, it’s all about the bottom line. Not what Walt wanted. I know, I retired from Disney.

  13. Eric

    Disney world does not need alcohol it’s going to cause nothing but problems more than they’re already is if Mr Walt Disney could see what’s going on now he would be disgusted and appalled at what this company has turned into it is nothing like his dream anymore the people running the company should be ashamed of themselves

  14. Nancy Chairenza

    Yes, the presence of alcohol has concerned me ever since I saw it served at California Adventure in the Market Place area. Disneyland has always been about the children and parents having a place to go to have fun with their children.
    What does alcohol have to do with children. Nothing!!!

  15. Gary

    Walt said many years ago no ALCOHOL in his park ” Disneyland ” and I am positive it would apply to WDW . ENOUGH SAID PERIOD !!

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