Criminal Operation Uncovered at Disney World

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Magic Kingdom crowds aerial view at Disney World

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Walt Disney World Resort is Central Florida’s hottest theme park destination. Between the four Disney Parks (Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios), two water parks (Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Disney’s Blizzard Beach), and the Disney Springs shopping and dining district, there’s fun for the whole family!

But fans who can’t make it to The Most Magical Place on Earth could soon experience the Disney Parks in an all-new way: a criminal heist. According to Reddit user u/nannerhed, the unreleased Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6) would be a perfect setting for a Walt Disney World Resort-themed heist.

“While I don’t think an explorable Disney World inspired location would be possible (though it would be incredibly fun), a heist taking place in a location similar to that would be really cool,” the user wrote. “Dressing up in mascot costumes as disguises, fighting through underground cast tunnels, all that fun stuff.”

The title card for Grand Theft Auto Five, the predecessor to the upcoming GTA 6.
Credit: Rockstar Games

“One potential hook would be having to find the fortune of the park founder rumoured to be buried under the park itself?” they continued. “Could be an interesting location with plenty of opportunities for funny stuff.”

Fans responded in droves, overwhelmingly supportive of a Walt Disney World Resort-inspired criminal operation.

“Steal the frozen founders head heist,” said u/BIN-BON. “Do missions for the current ceo Iger-like and get one of those secret hotel suites across the park in return.”

Mickey Mouse in front of the Cinderella Castle inside the Magic Kingdom with a couple of children
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“If they’re going to include a heist set there why wouldn’t they let us explore it in free mode?” u/dreamdesk04 wrote. “It would mostly be outdoors so it would be hard to stop us from going there anyways. Plus they had Santa Monica pier in V with the rideable coaster and ferris wheel. A Disney world mock would be the perfect chance to improve on this side activity and make for a great set piece for massacres.”

“Don’t know what you would steal from a Disney world inspired place (maybe like secret documents or what not) but it sounds pretty sick to have a location like that,” u/Damo787 agreed.

But some felt there was no place for the House of Mouse in the violent online game, which currently has no release date.

Mickey at Disney World in front of Cinderella Castle
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“No no no no no for the thousandth time no f**k Disneyland and Disneyland heists,” u/doesntgive2fcks said.

“Disney fan try not to insert Disney into literally everything challenge (impossible),” u/Hidden_User666 echoed.

(Rockstar Games has not publicly commented on a potential Disney mission in GTA 6. The idea is 100% fan-made.)

Would you play a Walt Disney World Resort-themed map on Grand Theft Auto VI? Share your thoughts with Inside the Magic in the comments. 

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