Disney Launches Investigation Following Leaked “Sexual” Character Videos

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Disney characters behaving inappropriately, Minnie Mouse twerking

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Whenever guests think of Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Donald, Goofy, or Daisy, we often think of wholesome characters. Now, it seems that some Cast Members have set out to ruin that image, and Disney is going to do something about it.

Mickey Mouse (pumpkin), Minnie Mouse (cat), Donald Duck (candy corn), and Goofy (haunted tree) in their Halloween outfits at Disneyland in 2022
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

One of the most magical things that guests can do at Walt Disney World Resort, or Disneyland Resort is meet their favorite Disney character. Disney character meet and greets are an essential part of any Disney vacation, as it helps bring all the “worlds” or cinematic universes that we watch on a screen to life in the most magical place on earth.

There is nothing like giving a hug to Mickey Mouse, twirling with a Disney Princess, waving to Winnie the Pooh, smirking at Flynn Rider, and talking about apples with the Evil Queen. Of course, there are so many more character interactions that Guests can do, all of which provide the memories that you take home with you.

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger posing together at a character meet and greet
Credit: Disney

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Character meet and greets are so essential that the removal of them will cause outrange among guests. At Disneyland Paris, it was recently announced that their after-hours event Villainous Night will not have meet and greets and fans were not too happy.

Recently, there have been videos surfacing of characters whilst backstage, doing some pretty naughty things.

Hiro Hamada and Baymax from the Disney movie BIig Hero 6 on an interactive Disney Parks meet and greet at EPCOT in Walt Disney World Resort
Credit: Disney Parks Blog


Like anyone working at a Disney Park, characters have their own spaces and dressing rooms away from the public’s eye where they ready themselves for the public and take a break after each performance. While they must remain in character when mingling with guests, what happens when they’re not around paying customers is a bit disturbing.

Recently, we shared that the “aptly named @illegaldisney shared a very NSFW video (that was recently taken down) of Pluto, Nick Wilde, and various other Meet and Greet favorites behaving outrageously out of character in what appears to be a break room setting.”

Obviously, this was all out of the public’s view, but the fact that it made it to a platform like TikTok feels all sorts of illegal, as it is against Cast Member rules and policy, and is easily grounds for termination.

Illegal Disney did not stop with that video, as the entire TikTok account is now dedicated to showing behind-the-scenes footage of characters acting very out of character.

In the video below, we can see Pluto twerking.


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Below, we can see Dale working out while Chip is performing promiscuous dance moves.


Slay #disneyillegal #fyp #disney #viral

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In this video, we can see Nick Wilde fully undressing. 


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There has also been videos of Minnie Mouse inappropriately twerking onto Mickey Mouse. These video are not only illegal in the eyes of Disney, but can really alter the magical facade that the company has worked very hard to maintain. By having these characters seen as much more “sexualized” cartoons, it ruins the illusion and storylines that we have all grown up learning.

Now, it is being reported by the New York Post that Disneyland is launching an investigation into the videos that were filmed at Disneyland Resort. The publication stated, “Outraged Disney bosses have reportedly launched an investigation after amorous employees at their Anaheim, California amusement park were caught on camera twerking while dressed up as the company’s family-friendly cartoon characters.”

“It looks silly but, for Disney, protecting the integrity of those characters is absolutely paramount,” an inside source told The Sun about the videos. “They’ve asked top investigators to shut down the feed and try to identify those responsible, who are in breach of their employment contracts.”

“They’re one of the most protective companies in the world because they know their biggest customers are young children who don’t want the illusion shattered,” the source continued.

Pete gets a Meet and Greet
Credit: Twitter @ScottGustin

“Some of the clips show the characters dancing and twerking in their outfits — it’s just not on-message.”

The Sun stated that several accounts — including Illegal Disney — are already understood to have been shut down, but videos and images have been saved and widely shared by other users. This is not true as Illegal Disney continues to operate on TikTok; however, certain videos were removed.

Once caught, if these Cast Members are still employed by Disneyland, they will likely be terminated.

Have you ever seen videos like these on TikTok? Do they ruin the magic for you?

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