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An aerial view of Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort during the 50th Anniversary Celebration.

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  1. Rob

    Never go anywhere without travel insurance. You will be reimbursed per your agreement but it usually takes a couple weeks.

  2. Penny Lynch

    We had a horrible experience the last trip, and are highly unlikely to go back. I took my mom for the 1st time, she really wanted to go. She ended up in the hospital for several days (flu and pneumonia). I called the Dr on call. He said call him in the am if she was still sick. I called him later as she had gotten worse, he said he’ll check her in the am. When I argued, he said you can always call an ambulance (he was being sarcastic) so I did. The hotel staff and manager knew what was going on. We had to extend the stay, so she could rest before we took a plane home. I was told we had to change rooms since someone had specifically requested the one we were in. It was a quiet room, and I argued about moving her. In the end he was so set, even said staff will help me pack, I ended up giving in but told him specifically we need a quiet room so she can rest. He put us near the pool, with construction on the wing across from us.
    When I brought her back to the hotel he gave me a hard time about getting a wheelchair. so much more ruined it.

  3. Lynn

    You could have asked to see the GM of your Disney hotel. They will help you if you have problems or runaround of any kind. I have gone to them many times. The will physically put you with the right people to handle your problem. They will make phone calls and tell people what they want done to help you. The GM of the Disney hotel is my go to person in times of problems!

  4. The dog getting sick is not a Disney problem. That’s the dog sitters problem. And in the comments the lady getting sick also not a Disney problem. If the room was already reserved for some one else you have to move. If she was so sick she needed to rest for a few days before getting on a plane rent a car let her lay down on the back seat. Take breaks when you need to.

  5. Carol

    Maybe next time leave your pet at home.

  6. I didn’t know Disney excepted dogs. Personally, I’m an animal lover too but the Last thing I want is to step in dog poop while I’m trying to enjoy myself at my expensive vacation.

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