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(L-R) Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, Chris Hemsworth, and Scarlett Johannsson in 'The Avengers' (2012)

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  1. They always want to take every series we love, away.. and blame us and everyone else for not watching it as much as they need us to. I know I love Ahsoka and other Star Wars series. I also loved Willow (series)… which they already officially axed completely. But supposedly/apparently not enough people love these series as much as I do, very very dearly love them. We’ve started petitions with hundreds of thousands of signatures to save some of the shows that they canceled, but they couldn’t care less. The bottom line is money and they’re apparently not making enough of it.. off of us.

  2. Sean Golden

    Witout Star Wars fans Disney+ is just a glorifyed Channel and Disney NEEDED us fans to buy it ,thisnis why ALL the promotions for it was Star Wars related. They push the Mandalorion and fans joined ,so what is the problem? Here is another bit of info, most Star Wars fans are Marvel fans too,so if u grew up on Disney(likeMe) and then started reading comics(like Me) and then Star Wars is a part of ur childhood (like me) Disney + needs me.
    Improve,yes ut ALL streaming can too.

  3. JimW

    Without all the old and new StarWars stories being made and rewatched. I can do without marvel. Cannot make do without StarWars programming and movies.

  4. Bulbus

    Maybe now Bob Iger is back in charge and has stated hes going back to quality not quantity. I think it will turn itself around. Just got to give it time.

  5. Steve Mc

    Star Wars and Marvel releases used to be Events. By producing endless spin-offs and sequels they’ve diluted the influence and “specialness” of Star Wars and Marvel to squeeze out every possible cent of profit. So, we’re supposed to be surprised this is diminishing enthusiasm for that content?

  6. Neal Fager

    Marvel and Star Wars are basically the only reason I subscribed to Disney at all. If they cancel them I see no reason to keep paying for it.


    They don’t need to cut either one, they just need to give what viewers want the most. Everyone wants to Binge, watch movie, steaming company’s seem to forget that’s what they are a steaming service. No one wants to wait week after week for the next ep, most working hard people who pay for the app, don’t have time to watch it. Once they do have the time it’s binge watching time, until you pass out. Stop trying to be like everyone else and be what you are a streaming service made to order.

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