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The Justice League

Credit: DC Studios


  1. Mirko

    They didn’t finish the previous one I was really interested in, why would I trust them to finish this one?

    1. Barclaybass

      Who cares its a frigging CARTOON

  2. Carlos


    1. Sam

      Never gonna happen. Get over it and move on.

  3. Darran Kaminski

    Tomorrowverse is very good, follow that and use their producers and the new JL trilogy will be good.

  4. Gil

    I, together with my friends, my family, my extended family are not going to watch any of JG’s DC films. That is guaranteed!!!
    We simply don’t like his style.

  5. Eric

    #firejamesgunn & #restorethesnyderverse as originally intended or continue to flop. It’s just that simple. We don’t want MCU 2.0

  6. Eric

    #restorethesnyderverse as originally intended or continue to flop. DC doesn’t need to be MCU 2.0

  7. Warworld was so disappointing unless I fell asleep for the good parts. Jason O’Mara as Bats!!

  8. Lee

    I wish he would give the arrowverse a chance at the big screen, I really enjoyed their acting.. James Gunn can say that the arrowverse is cannon but a different universe like an else world where things happen almost the same but different, so that way he can still put his own spin on the characters

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