Weird Wheels: This Coca-Cola Vending Machine Hot Rod Is Refreshingly Fast

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Have you ever seen a Coke Vending Machine you can drive? This Coca-Cola Vending Machine Hot Rod is making us thirsty.

If you are a fan of that crisp, cool, classic Coca-Cola taste and the smell of burning asphalt and rubber, you might want to check out this unique vehicle that combines both in a spectacular way. This 1967 Chevrolet Coupe Coca-Cola Vending Machine Street Rod is a one-of-a-kind creation that has been featured in shows, promotions, and even a model kit. It is currently for sale on eBay, and it might be your chance to own a piece of custom car history.

This street rod was built by Glen Yeary and Steve Tansy, who started the project in 1967 with two real Coca-Cola vending machine doors. They spent three years crafting every detail of this car, from the bodywork to the interior to the engine. The result is a stunning masterpiece that looks like a giant Coke machine on wheels.

Click on the car to get a closer look at this Coca-Cola Classic. Photo: Streetside Classic Cars

It also has many clever features that pay homage to the soda brand, such as a tap on the radiator, bottle openers on the sides, and dyed red bottles for tail lights. The car also has a classic hot rod look, with Cragar SS wheels, Goodyear Blue Streak tires, and a polished drop-axle front end. The interior is equally impressive, with a seat made from Coca-Cola crates, velour cushions with bottle cap buttons, and a custom dashboard with Sun and Stewart Warner gauges. The windows have a caramel tint that resembles the color of Coke.

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The engine is a Chevy small block with four (yes, four!) four-barrel carburetors on top of a custom-fabricated cross-ram hi-rise intake. The engine is also polished and mirrored to match the rest of the car. The car has a Powerglide automatic transmission, a Corvette independent rear end, rear adjustable coilovers, and rear disc brakes. However, the car is not meant to be driven, as it has no front brakes, and the carburetors are not tuned. The odometer only shows one mile, which is probably all it has ever done in its life.

This car is more than just a vehicle; it is an icon of custom car culture. It has been featured in the International Championship Auto Shows circuit, where it won many awards. It has also been used by Coca-Cola for promotions and advertisements, especially after the “New Coke” fiasco in 1985. It has also inspired an MPC 1:25 scale model kit that is still popular among collectors today.

This car is listed on eBay for just under $360,000, which might seem like a lot for a non-functional car, but it is a bargain for such a rare and valuable piece of art (Huge tax break if you donate it to a museum.) If you are interested in buying this car or just want to see more photos and details, you can check out the eBay listing. This car is truly a refreshingly fast and cool street rod that will make you say, “I want the real thing!”

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in Reviews, Sports

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