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Minion Character interaction at Universal Studios

Credit: Universal


  1. MuzzyFush

    Whilst the ride probably won’t appeal to adult thrill seekers, it is good for families and I’m sure kids will love it.
    I don’t think you can criticise it for having a short wait time either. This is a continually moving ride similar to Disney’s Omnimover so a short wait time for this attraction is actually a good thing.

    1. Bryan

      Yes I believe that is one of the reasons it has low waits. Another reason I think it has low waits is because some schools depending on the district started or are starting. Some schools start August 10 one day before the opening.

    2. Kevin

      its , just a really bad ride, I rode during the soft opening and wanted to leave halfway through.

  2. Bryan

    It did go up to 65 minutes yesterday and today. Yesterday even at 45 minutes it had one of the highest waits in the park. And it even had higher waits then some other rides in Islands at some points. Not only that, but another thing that kind of hurt this attractions opening is the fact that some school districts started August 10 one day before opening. Even today Minion Blast each time I checked it showed higher waits than most rides at studios. Another reason the wait time can be low is because it seems like this ride is a really high capacity attraction, it is a moving walkway. Another thing is the park attendance, like I heard and saw that this summer didn’t really have a lot of people at the theme parks. Universal is opening a theme park soon and some people are maybe waiting for that to open before going now.

  3. Jenilee

    I feel it would have been better as a sit down ride. You are literally focused on staying still while trying to shoot at villains. It’s more like a one time thing for me and my kids.

  4. Alicia

    I actually rode the ride while visiting Universal Studios Orlando and it’s a lot of jerking so if you have back problems, I wouldn’t recommend it also there’s really nothing entertaining about it

    1. Dt

      I rode it yesterday.
      How did you ride it?? You stand up on a moving walkway….🙄🙄

  5. Maggie

    I went through villian con during it’s trials and it was a fun adventure and addition to the park. I can understand there not being long waits as you don’t have to strap up in seats, need belt checks, need to wait on a coaster to make it’s rounds .. you just walk through. It would be odd if you did have a long line considering none of the things that caused delays are presented in this attraction.

  6. James

    You’re page is full of crap

  7. Andre

    With it being constantly over 100 degrees outside everyday, I don’t blame the attraction for lower attendance.

  8. Robert

    It’s not good at all. Standing on a conveyer too close to others and moving through the attraction shooting is not fun. MIB is better for that type of attraction. I can do this on Xbox at home. Poor choice to spend money on this type of attraction.

  9. C

    I was at the park yesterday and Friday and the crowds were very manageable all day. We got onto Hagrid’s in about 40 minutes or less, and literally walked straight into the other Harry Potter rides (we didn’t have Express pass). I thought the new Minions ride is cute and really enjoyed it. I really liked what they did with the Minion area and think it looks very cute.

  10. Heidi

    Annual pass holder here. We give this ride a 6.5/10. On par with Men in Black. Not as good as Toy Story Mania. We loved being able to sync your blaster to the app on our phones and unlock various missions and power-ups. The circles that you stand on need to be spaced a little farther apart. The guy next to me kept encroaching on my space and bumping me in the head with his blaster. That being said we thought it was a fun experience overall. It’s worth a 30-ish minute wait.

  11. Megan

    I agree. I would’ve much rather sat down. After standing and waiting in lines all day, I need the reprieve of a ride to sit.

  12. phaque

    oh look another dark ride shoot em up like buzz light year lazer/ASTRO blasters, toy story mania, justice league amongst a few.

  13. Donna

    Rode it Wednesday, August 9th with my 4, 6, 8 year olds. We LOVED it! The kids had so much fun with the blasters. It’s not thrilling but is a great experience to fit into your visit to slow down a little!

  14. Bryan

    It’s definitely not an exciting ride, but it wasn’t terrible. I liked it better than the Men in Black ride where you try to shoot enemies too because with Minions, you can see where your gun is aiming.

    I think Universal Studios, in general, is disappointing. Go to Island of Adventure instead if you like thrills & everyone is tall enough.

  15. Kevin

    I rode it while on soft opening few weeks ago, and I honestly was looking for the exit halfway through. The blaster gun was too heavy, the graphics where confusing and all the rooms look alike. I was disappointing in Universal for doing this.

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