‘That’s So Raven’ Actor Was Snubbed by ‘High School Musical’ Star

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The Disney Channel was Disney’s central brand of televised entertainment for decades. The Channel created generations of Disney fans for 40 years as they syndicated Disney movies and shows, while also airing its own original programming. Their Golden Era between the late 90s and 2000s would put out massive hits like Even Stevens, That’s So Raven, Halloweentown, Hannah Montana, and High School Musical. Unfortunately, not every Disney Channel actor would remain a star as one former Disney actress divulges the snub she received as a food server.

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Disney established their brand with a series of animated shorts, that eventually led to their first animated feature film, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs (1937). Their clout within the Film Industry would continue to grow until they made their television debut with the American Broadcasting Company, or ABC. This TV network aired nearly all Disney-owned content since 1956. The partnership started with the groundbreaking The Wonderful World of Disney, an anthology series originally hosted by Walt Disney himself.

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The company’s foothold in television would broaden in 1983 when the growing popularity of cable TV gave rise to new channels. Disney would decide to take part and created the Disney Channel. This branch of Disney entertainment would eventually become the heavyweight in children’s programming. Its boundless access to home audiences would captivate a viewership that would launch the careers of stars like Shia LaBeouf (from Even Stevens), Hillary Duff (from Lizzie Maguire), Raven Simone (from That’s So Raven), Selena Gomez (from Wizards of Waverly Place), Zac Efron (from High School Musical), and Zendaya (from Shake It Up).

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However, not all of the talented performers in these collection of popular TV projects would go onto breakout in super stardom in Hollywood. They would forge livelihoods in other ways by “spilling the tea” with behind-the-scenes anecdotes that took place in the prime of their classic Disney Channel careers. Even Stevens actress, Christy Carlson Romano and That’s So Raven actress, Anneliese van der Pol have followed the trend of 90s nostalgia podcasts to create their own titled, “Big Name B*tches.”

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Their first episode debuted today where they breakdown their lives post-Disney Channel. Van der Pol would go to confess that she would have to work multiple jobs as a working actress after her time at Disney. One of which was working as a waitress in Hollywood. She regaled with her co-host about a time she had to be a server to High School Musical star, Ashley Tisdale, in the prime of her career. While van der Pol claimed doing so did not bother her, Tisdale made the encounter “so uncomfortable.”


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The That’s So Raven star disclosed that she felt judged by the interaction, but her co-star, Romano, reassured her that they are a tougher breed in regards to their humble rise throughout their acting pursuits. These former Disney Channel stars plan to share more personal stories throughout the series’ run. Their new podcast, “Big Name B*tches” can be found anywhere where podcasts are streamed online.

Every Disney Channel Show mentioned can also be streamed on Disney+.

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