Cast Members Take Disneyland Back in Time for Hit Series

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Many television shows have been filmed at Disney Parks over the years. Projects like Full House, Boy Meets World, Modern Family, Black-ish, and Home Economics have all featured a special episode at the Happiest Place on Earth. Now, the latest hit tv series, The Wonder Years, is set to have its Disney chapter air tonight. Yet, it has separated itself from its predecessors by transporting Disneyland back to the 1960s.

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The Wonder Years and all the shows listed previously are part of the American Broadcasting Company, or ABC to viewers. It is a TV network that has aired nearly all Disney-owned content since 1956. The partnership started with the groundbreaking The Wonderful World of Disney, an anthology series originally hosted by Walt Disney himself. Even after Walt’s passing, the company maintained a relationship with ABC until Disney acquired the network in 1996.

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Since then, ABC has been exclusively the network to view any Disney content before the existence of streaming services. Part of the brilliance of this merger was that Disney could produce and air popular TV shows, then have these real world-based characters take trips to Disneyland. These episodes would make their worlds feel more authentic and served as great marketing tool for the company.

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While Disney Park episodes are delight for viewers, the film production to execute it is a painstaking labor of love. The Director of Events Strategy at Disneyland, Chris Sheppard, articulated on the endeavor. He stated that, “We’re not exactly a closed set here. It’s a real living, breathing thing, a theme park…One, we want to always make sure our park is shiny, right?” He continued, “And the other thing I really love about it is just a pride that we take as Cast Members…We want the period piece to look like it did back then because we’re such sticklers on detail.”

Sheppard is also one of the heads of Disney’s renowned Broadcast Production Services department at the Resort. This team of hardworking cast members manage the efficiency and safety of each production at the Park. In addition, they ensure that every film project gets the footage they need without impeding on the guest experience. This task was no less challenging when bringing the Park back to the glorious 1960s.

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Disney’s proficiency was put to the test as The Wonder Years is a period-piece series. The reboot centers around an inquisitive boy learning about himself and the world around him in 60s working-class America. Therefore, the show’s Disney episode had Disneyland diving into the character archives to resurrect retro costumes, props and characters from the time period.

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The Walt Disney Company may have their faults, but there is no denying the mastery of their production value towards film projects. Their latest endeavor will showcase vintage Disney plush toys, food containers, ticket books, and clothing. The Williams family will get to experience the wonder of Disneyland in their season finale tonight.

The Wonder Years Season Finale debuts tonight on Wednesday, August 16, 2023 at 9 PM, ET/PT, then on Hulu the next day.

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