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Rachel Zegler in three photos. In one, she mimics a painting of 'Snow White' looking scared. In the second, she carries a coffee cup and an iPhone while wearing a SAG on Strike shirt. In the last, she is on set of 'Snow White,' dressed in the iconic dress and wig.

Credit: Rachel Zegler / SAG-AFTRA / Splash News


  1. Bob

    What rubbish.
    She caused this by opening her mouth. She is costing her fellow cast and crew members viewers and thusly residual money. She is costing Disney millions.

  2. Serhia

    Nobody is feeling sorry for her. 😆

  3. Modernaudiencesux

    When Aladdin actor Mena Massoud commented about Little Mermaid box office and then criticised by internet woke group, I didn’t see you jumping out to defend him being “just trying to give his opinion”, “leave him alone”. Woke people like you are just hypocrite and double standard, and why doesn’t that surprise me.

  4. RickTR

    Are you also going to defend all the crap she wrote on Twitter trying to cancel Gina Carano and everyone who didn’t agree with her? Now she knows how they felt

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