This is Halloween: Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes

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Halloween is approaching and now is the time to get you Nightmare Before Christmas costumes for your Hallow’s Eve adventures. Whether you’re headed to the Oogie Boogie Bash or Beetle House, you’ll want to give your drip a healthy dose of the emo classic’s vibe.

If you are looking for a spooky and fun theme to inspire your Halloween costume this year, look no further than Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. The classic Disney animated movie directed by Tim Burton features a variety of characters who live in Halloween Town, where every day is Halloween. Whether you want to be the Pumpkin King Jack Skellington, the rag doll Sally, the evil Oogie Boogie, or one of their friends or foes, you can find a costume that suits your style and budget. Here are some of the best Nightmare Before Christmas costumes you can buy or DIY for yourself or your group.

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Jack Skellington Halloween Costume Christmas Nightmare Zebra Stripe Tail Coat Pants Suit with Bowtie: Jack Skellington is the story’s hero(?), a living, breathing, and singing skeleton who is the Pumpkin King of Halloween and the leader of Halloween Town. He is also bored and restless and becomes fascinated by Christmas. 

This simple and elegant costume includes a black suit with white stripes and a black bow tie. You’ll want to add your own white shirt and black shoes. You can also add some makeup or a mask to create his skull face and some gloves to create his bony hands. For a dash of fun, add the Funko Jack Skellington Pop! Mask.

Jack the Pumpkin King Costume for Adults: Do not set yourself on fire while wearing this costume. May we suggest some LED strip lights for inside your clothes and mask to create a fire effect? But definitely send us the video if you try his acrobatic plunge into a fountain. We want to laugh at that.

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Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Women’s Short Sleeve Costume Dress: Sally is the story’s heroine, a rag doll whom Dr. Finkelstein, the mad scientist of Halloween Town, created. She is also intelligent and brave, and she has a crush on Jack Skellington and helps him realize his mistake. You can dress up as Sally in this officially licensed Sally dress. Her patchwork dress that she wears in most of the movie is colorful and quirky consisting of a dress made of different fabrics stitched together, black tights, black shoes, and red hair. You can add makeup or accessories to create her stitches, scars, and eyes. Or, like with Jack above, you can get the Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Pop! Mask to complete the look. We can truly “live like Jack and Sally if we want!”

Nightmare Before Christmas Zero Scarf: Whether you want to pair it as an accessory with your Jack or Sally costume or just keep it simple and be Zero yourself, this scarf is the perfect accessory for Halloween on Christmas. “To the head of the team Zero!”

Click the image to browse Lock, Shock, and Barrel, and Oogie Boogie costumes on Amazon. Photo: Amazon

Lock, Shock, and Barrel: The three mischievous Halloweentown hoodlums make for a great group costume, especially when heading to a Nightmare Before Christmas-themed bar or party. Whether you want to be a witch, a devil, or a skeleton, you should definitely give it the Nightmare treatment.

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Inflatable Oogie Boogie Nightmare Before Christmas Costume: A living burlap sack filled with bugs, the enemy of Jack Skellington, and ruler of the underground casino, to dress up as him; you can either purchase a pre-made costume online or create your own with a sack and string, just know that burlap is itchy. We totally understand why Oogie Boogie was constantly annoyed. We recommend this inflatable costume to make an impression or you can cop out for comfiness and sport this Oogie Boogie Costume Onesie instead. We also recommend keeping a supply of gummy worms on hand all night to eat in front of people.

Whatever character you choose to dress up as remember that you can always customize your costume to match your personality and budget. And don’t forget to team up with family and friends for a group costume that’s sure to scare everyone. And no, we didn’t forget about the Mayor.

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