Johnny Depp Death Hoax Fools the Internet, Quickly Debunked

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Hollywood actor Johnny Depp on the left and 'Nightmare before Christmas' (1993) on the right

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The good news is Johnny Depp is alive and well, the death hoax being precisely that. The bad news is how easy it is for falsities to travel.

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What’s the Johnny Depp Death Hoax?

According to reports, the Johnny Depp death hoax was thrust into the media after the news of his passing out in a Budapest hotel room. It drew concern from many fans, and just as the Pirates of the Caribbean star confirmed his role reprisal, the death hoax took its hold. The recent health concerns added to the wave of concern.

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Davey Jones (apparently) demanded Johnny Depp’s return, but it was merely a figment of the imagination, much like the beloved Pirates of the Caribbean character. It was a quick-fry latest news phenomenon that played on the recent release of the documentary about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow running from a wave of people in the sea
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There was a brief RIP Johnny Depp movement before the Edward Scissorhands actor and “Hollywood Vampires” musician returned to the land of the living. Spoilers: Johnny Depp never left. The rumors that the beloved entertainer had passed away circulated widely, despite being false.

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jack sparrow (left) johnny depp courtroom (right)
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Debunking False Facts in Media

Johnny Depp might be the most recent face of a death hoax, but this way to tug at the heartstrings of fans is as old as the media itself. In fact, Bill Cosby, Jeff Goldblum, and Paul McCartney have all been the celebrities at the end of an online death hoax.

The Vanessa Paradis report left fans mourning the “Hollywood Vampires” star. It was short-lived, though, as it was soon confirmed as a death hoax. Thankfully, the star is well, recently garnering a pay raise as Johnny Depp confirms the return as Jack Sparrow in the Disney classic franchise.

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