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  1. DeeDee

    No! I really think you are wrong on this one!! There is no Jack Sparrow without Johnny Depp, and if you try to replace him you will be met with the boycott of millions of his fans.

  2. Katie

    Don’t know where you get your info from but you’re wrong. Johnny Depp was and will always be an amazing actor and musician. Not only that, he has a heart of gold. If Disney does a Pirates film without him, it will not do well. Nobody else could do Captain Jack Sparrow, and without Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates will not be Pirates. But it’s not just that franchise that fans love. They love his entire body of work. He is an incredible talent. Nothing will ever change that.

  3. Deesey

    Never be tired of Johnny Depp
    Amazing actor artist musician

  4. Rubbish JD fans love him

  5. PFFFTTT!!!

    How much is her PR paying you to write this trash? Johnny Depp’s fan base is stronger than ever. It’s her fan base that is disappearing. She is just a washed up nobody hiding out in Spain now while JD is moving on with his life with his production company and other ventures.

  6. Care to name your source?
    His social media accounts tell a very different tale!
    Do some proper research. He’s a star and will remain a star despite little hit pieces from a wannabe journalist!

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