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Part of a Muppets Mural by Coulter Watt

Credit: Coulter Watt, Jeff Christiansen via Flickr


  1. There is a Muppets Land if you will at Disney Studios. It’s in the area of Muppet Vision 3-D. Pizza Rizzo is a muppet themed restaurant. They have a massive retail store as well but it has been closed for a couple of years. And who can forget Gonzos Royal Flush bathrooms?
    Additionally, the Muppets are represented at Epcot’s Regal Eagle. At Magic Kingdom, they had a show at Liberty Square (it was awesome, bring it back.)

  2. Jeannette Sanchez

    I love those Muppets. I think Muppetland is awesome to have in Disney World.

  3. Bruce Wayne

    I worked on The Muppet Movie, so of course I would love to see a Muppet Land!! It would take That to get me to go back to Disneyland again! (And I was There in July 1955!!)

  4. Rteker

    Actually they did show these ideas ONCE but it was shot down. The higher ups voted it down for a reason that I don’t remember what it was. But there’s been calls for a more Muppet area than just the Theater (the pizza Rico doesn’t count)

  5. Tom

    Of all things to not jump on and either give them a land of their own or use them more when adults and kids today love the Muppets. Disney had lost BILLIONS of dollars in not also using Muppets like part of the family in place of the child who’s treated like Cinderella.

  6. Amanda

    Hubby and I basically said they could do Pizza Rizzo the way they wanted to kind of like Chuckie Cheese pizza! So why not do it now.

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