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Mayim Bialik on 'Jeopardy! talk show

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  1. Linda Findlater

    Mayim is super wonderful. Bring her back at twice the price!!

    1. I think Jennings is more like a robot…Mayim is more down to earth and a pleasure to watch.

  2. Carolyn

    I no longer watch Jeopardy as I don’t care for Ken Jennings at all. He is condescending, arrogant and not at all personable. Oh well. I’ll just read a book

    1. Betty K

      I’m with you! I can’t watch it with Jennings. The best was Mike Richards. To fire him because of something in his past was not right. The show was better and you always felt like Alex was still there! Bring back Mike!

  3. Kathleen Miles

    Love the show with Ken Jennings as host and will continue to watch it.

    (Personally, I wish they would get a different Jeopardy theme song.)

  4. Jerrie Moore

    Jeopardy will not be the same. She added vitality, intelligence and a great smile that put “life” into the show. She is MISSED! Bring her back. I watched the program when Art Fleming was host. Now! It doesn’t matter whether I view it or not, sad to say

  5. Lorraine

    Kinda hope she never comes back!

  6. Geri

    Ken Jennings is a much better host than Mayim Bialik she treated contests unfairly with her decisions. Ken was well liked by Alex Trebeck. Would rather have Ken as a permanent host than split hosts.

  7. Paul

    I vote for Bialik. Jennings does not present as well.

  8. Terri Vaughn

    Excellent move by Jeopardy! decision makers! Mayim will not be missed!

  9. Mike

    I am a fan of blossom Mayim Bialik going way back she became a neuroscientist and was in a big hit show big bang she was the only one on the show with the real credentials to play her part I was impressed she became jeopardy host I thought she beat out Ken Jennings she is definitely the smartest one on the show by far

  10. Bj

    I like Mayim as an Actress but she is to slow in validating a person’s response, it causes a hiccup in the flow, Ken is much quicker to respond in true Alex Trebec fashion, in my humble opinion.

    1. Krystal

      Totally agree with you! Those weird pauses were hard to watch.

    2. Polksalad

      That’s because she doesn’t know the answers. She’s as surprised as the contestants when she reads it from the cards. I like her as an actress but can’t stand her on Jeopardy.

  11. Cris

    The bobble head smarty pants was not pleasant and I am glad she re is gone

  12. Cris

    She was very rude

  13. Beth

    I’m fine with Ken Jennings. I’ve been waiting for Jeopardy to declare him the only host for a year now.

  14. Kevin G.

    I like them both, but I prefer Ken!!

  15. Michael

    Jennings has her whipped hands down!

  16. Krystal

    Mayim is a good comedic actress, but a terrible Jeopardy host. The idea to have two hosts was never a good one. I hope this move is permanent and Ken will be the only host. He’s done a great job.

  17. Carol McKernon

    I hope that this means that Ken Jennings IS the one and only host of Jeopardy! I just can’t even watch Bialek as “host”. She’s insincere, self-consumed, rude . . . and the list goes on! Please do not let her back to host any part of this excellent show.

  18. Betty

    It is time for Mayim to go anyway! Ken has always been my choice.

  19. Gunter Konold

    Never liked Bialik, she is not a “people person,” at times talking condescendingly to contestants. I’m glad that Jennings is staying and is taking over Bialik’s role.

  20. Henry Bales

    I’m UAW. I won’t cross a picket line voluntarily. But I’d never risk my job to support a union I’m not in.
    Balik is a big star, has her own show and millions of fans myself included. Kudos to her for standing with the union. But remember she can’t really be hurt by Jeopardy.
    She’s SAG, so she won’t be fired for supporting either union.
    Plus, her legacy is safe regardless. With what’s gotta be a bankful of cash from BBT, she ain’t going hungry. And crossing that line could hurt her reputation with loving fans.
    Ken is different. Now that he accepted this position, does he have other options? Not in front of a camera I bet.
    And he is a game show host. Are they SAG? It’s not acting, no character, no written lines. Companies always want blood when there is a strike. They can’t afford to scratch Balik much less draw blood.
    Ken they could bleed dry and toss his corpse on the fire with a laugh.
    So unless he has union protection when he refuses to work, I don’t blame the man for preserving his livelihood.
    Now, if I’m wrong cause I don’t know, if he is protected by a union from retaliation (even though a network could replace him without cause and get away with it) the. Ken is a scab and a pox be upon him.

  21. Patricia

    Darn shame!
    At least she has a delightful personality.
    Not as “Know it all” as prunefaced Jennings

  22. Gallagher

    I was worked as a scab at a newspaper. Like products, labor costs should be a function of supply and demand. Moreover, labor unions are the antiChrist to a free economy. If wages are low, prices must drop. If wages are artificially supported inflation occurs.

  23. B2man

    Good, she is a childish giggling insult to Alex Trebek!

  24. LaMartinne

    The job ain’t for everyone

  25. JB

    Never liked Ken Jennings. LOVED Mayim, but always wished she would dress more glamorous and classier instead of “school teacher-ish.”

    I watched Jennings on the championship shows mostly to see James Holtzhauer, Mr. “All-In.”

    1. Maria

      I believe Mayim is a devout and observant Jew. I don’t see her wearing anything but conservative clothing, either due to her religion or because of the “seriousness” of the show. You’re not going to see Vanna White type clothing (which is lovely, no disrespect intended) on Mayim, no matter what the circumstances. Even her gowns for awards show are on the conservative side.

  26. Cindy Thompson

    Hala Fn Luya! Is all I need to say! Except I hope it’s Permanent!!

  27. Julie McNeely

    Good for you Mayim…You did what you thought you should do. I really enjoy you as host of Jeopardy!. You took the high road, so don’t worry about negative comments. Some people are just haters, no matter the subject. Stay Strong! 😀❤️

  28. Gloria

    People make the choices they think are best for them. Viewers of Jeopardy have the right to watch or not watch the show. I think the producers of Jeopardy are trying to work around the strike, and in a sense, support the strike.

  29. Kathleen

    I really like Mayim, and miss her. She’s funny, bright and has loads of personality! In contrast, Ken seems to me to be snobbish. I want Mayim back!

  30. Paul Ellis-Graham

    Mayim Bialik: Good for you!!! I love Jeopardy as well as anyone but as a fellow union member I NEVER crossed a picket line.

    In Solidarity,

  31. We’re not watching Jeopardy anymore.we liked her as host.

  32. Sue M

    Sad to hear Mayim Bialik won’t be hosting. I can’t stand Ken Jennings. Guess this lifetime Jeopardy fan won’t be watching anymore.

  33. Deidre Norton

    I stopped watching Jeopardy when Mayin Bialik started hosting the show. I like her as an actor but not as a Jeopardy host. Perhaps I’ll watch it again when they get a good host!!

  34. Ken Jennings is not an actor. He has made the decision to continue filming Jeopardy as the host. The difference is that Mayim is an actor and she therefore must support the strike.

  35. Sally

    I like Mayim and hope to see her back as host after the strike is over. She does a great job and is a warm host not stiff like Ken.

  36. Elizabeth Davis

    I hope she is gone for good. I stopped watching Jeopardy when she was hosting. I found her incredibly irritating. I think Ken has modelled his hosting style on Alex Trebek and is doing a great job.

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