Another Disney+ Show Gets Sunk in Massive Purge

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Disney has seen better days recently as the company is expected to lose $11 billion this year. $1 billion of which came from four failed blockbusters: Ant-Man 3Indy 5The Little Mermaid, and Secret Invasion. Much of their loss has also come from the loss of millions of Disney+ subscribers. This financial hemorrhaging will force Disney to raise subscription fees, crack down on password sharing, cancel any lower-rated film projects, and institute a removal of any low-streaming content.

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The choice stems from Disney’s strategy of removing streaming content so that it can take an “impairment charge” or tax break that will be between $1.5 – $1.8 billion. This plan has been in motion since the beginning of the year when Bob Iger regained control as Disney CEO. It has been an attempt to reduce overall spending on any non-sports-based content.

Doogie Kamealoha, M.D. has officially been canceled after two season on Disney+
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Dozens of Disney+ projects have felt the swift, massive axe of Disney. Some of the most notable projects have beenWillow, The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, Big Shot, The Mysterious Benedict Society, and recently, Doogie Kameãloha, MD. Even highly-anticipated projects in development like The Spiderwick Chronicles ended before its execution. The latest project to sink into the abyss has been the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea TV series adaptation, Nautilus.

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What makes Nautilus stand out from Spiderwick is that it was already shot, a la Batgirl at Warner Bros. Production began as early as February 2022 in Australia. It is the first and only UK based original project to be afflicted by the content culling, so far. Disney claims it is working with the production team to find it another studio, but there are no guarantees.

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Nautilus was supposed to be a massive 10 episode, live-action reimagining of Jules Verne’s classic novel. The story would have centered around the Indian Prince, Captain Nemo (Shazad Latif), and his legendary submarine, known as The Nautilus. He would form an eclectic team of adventurers as they battled formidable foes and explored mystical areas deep within the ocean. Unfortunately, there is no current update if any other studio plans to pick up the series.

Where should Nautilus end up? What other shows might get canceled next?

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