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  1. Lakotah

    Well to be honest I watched the interview with her and him in it and it’s been great to watch and hear what they have to say but I new she was lied from the start because I know Johnny Deep wouldn’t be like that to her and I new it too

  2. Kelly Bengston

    First off let’s get the record straight…1.johnny was already there filming when she came with the dogs so he didn’t smuggle anything in ,she did it on her own ..2 she was told she had to declare and quarantine the dogs for 10 days she didn’t listen again on her own ..3 when caught she lied n figured being g Johnny’s wife would get her off and threw employees under bus to protect her own self from trouble 4 she thinks she’s better then every one else and shouldn’t have to follow the rules everyone else dies 5 when johnny n her split up he wanted boo n pistol she said no took em for herself to hurt him only later to take the dogs to the pound hmmmm does that sound like a very sweet n innocent girl.. I don’t think so ..she was always very full of herself even to the bitter end of all her court dates and that why she ran away to Spain to hide away ,she coundt take the heat of what she had down in the states

    1. Valarie

      YEEEEEES!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you for the breakdown for those who don’t know or choose not to. She belongs behind bars. And not just for this deliberate act

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