Tom Hanks To Play Original Buzz Lightyear in Upcoming Mattel Film

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  1. TONY

    Please NO!!!

  2. Please NO!!!!!!!!! I beg you not to ruin the beloved franchise again!

  3. Major

    Doll? DOLL?! He and his crew are action figures!
    : )

  4. Mj

    It will be the original character. The original Buzz just like in Toy Story. I think that is what they are saying.

  5. Harry

    The MMM fan base is very aware that Tom Hanks has been trying to get a Mason Movie launched for over 20 years, now. Every 2 to 4 years this hope gets trotted out to the pad but the flight keeps getting scrubbed. I for one would love to see the whole crew, including Sergeant Storm, the giant alien Captain Lazer, Callisto, Lieutenant Long, and even Scorpio show up. Maybe reissue the toys for the great grand kids. Won’t hold my breath, though.

  6. MrE

    I just learned a whole lot this morning…

  7. Sarah

    Great and remove the uneeded homosexual character and maybe people will actually go see this one. $$ talks and the last one tanked for a reason.

  8. Jason

    Just get Tim Allen to do the voice. Make a good movie for once and make up for Disney’s mistake of not putting Tim on the Buzz Light-year movie. I would be all in for that one .

  9. Cindy

    I am actually very intrigued by what the Mattel Cinematic Universe has in store for us. I wonder if the Uno movie will be a horror film..that’d be awesome sauce!

    1. Melanie Weir

      I agree – I hope to publish a speculative article about this very soon. Horror for Uno was my guess too – the plot could be somewhat like Jumanji, but with more of a “hell is other people” theme.

  10. Josh

    Nothing to worry about. Matt Mason will have his own short film and will not be joining the Toy Story cast.

    The Mason film is being made by Paramount, not Pixar

  11. Menodar Ebon

    I *loved* Major Matt Mason! I got the whole set for Christmas one year (I hadn’t heard anything about him before that time) and played with it for several years.

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