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Characters climb the stairs in a poster for Disney's upcoming 'Haunted Mansion' (2023)

Credit: Disney


  1. Jd

    I guess she never heard of Tomorrowland (2015, George Clooney) or Jungle Cruise (2022, The Rock).

  2. John Hardy

    It’s a flop like all of their recent movies because all Disney is doing now is remake everything through a woke lens.

    1. Joe

      What does “woke” mean? I don’t understand what a woke lens is.

  3. Chris B

    Maybe Disney should stop making movies and then they can save their selves from constant embarassment.

  4. The Emperor

    When making movies, Disney should ask themselves:
    1. What would Walt.do?
    2. Is this Woke?
    3. Who is this movie for/aimed at?
    4. Are we attacking/insulting members of our core audience?
    5. Is Phoebe waller-bridge involved in this?

    Finally Disney needs to remember the law of Go Woke, Go Broke

  5. John

    I will not nor will any member of my family go to see this movie. It is difficult to believe that Disney whose business was built on children stories has turned into this talentless bunch of child groomers. My advice , short Disney stock despite all their failures theyjust do not get it

  6. haunted mansion flop

    saw this train wreck last night.. i insisted to my boyfriend that we got up and left but he wanted to finish it so i just put my airpods on and went to sleep. it was THAT BAD lol. walt is doing somersaults in his grave. i’m appalled and disgusted by this movie

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