Fans Declare ‘Indiana Jones’ Stuntman as “The FINEST”

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Indiana Jones Stuntman next to stunt setup

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Indiana Jones fans have a lot to be happy about, and this gratitude is for a WWE star turned stuntman who, per fans, is stealing the show as “the FINEST.”

Kona Reeves 'Indiana Jones' Stuntman
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Indiana Jones: Harrison Ford’s Masterpiece

Though Indiana Jones is a famous franchise, even inspiring a Disney World attraction in its honor, this George Lucas masterpiece has met mixed reactions. The Harrison Ford action flick has a lot of dangerous scenes, and that means opportunities for a particular Indiana Jones stuntman.

Once a wrestler, Kona Reeves is a skilled stunt worker that has an impressive resume that includes Indiana Jones. The stunt performer on a set works with the stunt coordinator. Together, they make an Indiana Jones stunt spectacular.

indiana jones stuntman show explosion
Credit: Disney

Indiana Jones Stunt Actor Steals the Show

The support of the Lucasfilm Indiana Jones installation has fans left with mixed emotions, except when it comes to the work of Indiana Jones’ star stuntman. Kona Reeves is the “epic” stunt actor in question, and according to his avid following, the stuntman makes Indiana Jones even better for fans.

According to a Redditor on a thread that’s garnered plenty of attention for the stunt actor, “I’m hoping he’s getting paid well. He in the ring was fine, but hot [d**n] I loved “The FINEST” character.”

Kona Reeves now works at Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular in Disney’s Hollywood Studios
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Kona Reeves: Indiana Jones Stuntman and Performer

The performer worked on the Harrison Ford iconic piece, bringing George Lucas even further into the spotlight. Walt Disney World resorts get the perks of the ride in its name, and Kona Reeves gets to use wrestling expertise to make a mark in the ground-breaking Indiana Jones franchise.

Behind every great franchise is a whole crew and cast giving it their all. This wrestler and stunt performer facilitated an Indiana Jones stunt spectacular, and the actor was a hit. Even as the Indiana Jones movie gets mixed reactions, Kona Reeves seems to be holding steady.

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