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Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) screaming

Credit: Disney


  1. Ricky Kirkland

    Johnny Depp IS Captain Jack Sparrow. The other actors are wonderful but without Depp, the movie would be a flop. If there ever is a new POTC movie that does not include Depp as Sparrow, it will not receive a Penny from me watching it.

    1. Eileen

      Johnny Depp is fantastic as Capt. Jack Sparrow. I have have never heard anyone say otherwise. If Disney thinks they can make another POTC without Depp as Capt. Jack, they are delusional.

      1. Lisa

        ABSOLUTELY 💯

    2. Regina

      Sem depp não da certo

      1. Liz


    3. Branch DianaDiana

      My husband and I agree that we won’t see the movie without Johnny Depp as Captain Jack !

    4. Jan

      I totally agree!!!!!

    5. No Johnny Depp, No Money! No Business!
      He is the Best Actor!
      He is Naturally Gifted in Acting and Music!

  2. Margie T

    Seriously? No because you cut Capt Jack Sparrow from any scenes he was in originally. I hope nobody watches it.

  3. Charlie Washington

    Oh well. I’m sure everyone will survive.

    1. Silby

      I have the DVD, it’s streaming on Disney + and I’ve already seen it in the theatre. They’re not getting anymore money out of me.
      Cutting Johnny from the promotional posters is the height of pettiness. Cut him from the films and see how much of a storyline you’re left with.

    2. Mike Stevens

      When will Disney grow up?

  4. Pat

    Johnnie Depp is POTC and make no mistakes… Disney is Dead I don’t need them in my entertainment world…

    1. Liz

      I’m.with you on that

  5. Mary Jane

    Jack is his Picasso in the acting world. No Johnny me no go. I know I am not alone

  6. Dear Disney
    What is going on with your management?? You’re all over the place. Knickers in A twist. No Jack no nrw movie. Period.stop being so petty. Sell the rights to Depp. He’ll sort it.

  7. Joelle

    I won’t be watching it. Not without Johnny in it.

  8. RagdollMama

    There’s no POTC without JD. Can’t be any clearer than that! I will not watch any POTC that doesn’t have JD’s Captain Jack Sparrow! Disney should take a lesson from Warner Brothers and how they replaced JD with Mads to play Grindelwald. The movie flopped! Mads was a cardboard cutout compared to JDs Grindelwald!

  9. Cliff

    Disney as a whole sucks anyway, they kicked gc to the curb because when had her own opinion, that just happened to not go along with theirs, I personally hope they crumble.

  10. Pandy

    The movie will be done and over with if Johnny as Jack is not in the movie or story line. Trust me i know. He is the reason there is a story to tell. Disney dont forget that. Stay true to who he is. The fan will love Him for it. Pandi

  11. Temperance

    No Johnny no thanks!

  12. My family paid lots & lots of
    money to see ALL of the
    PIrates movies over & over
    again! Loved them loved
    Johnny Depp & loved Disney for making them!
    Made many visits to Disney
    parks & still buy Disney
    stuff because of Pirates.
    NO MORE if you continue
    To treat Johnny Depp like

    1. Teresa creel

      I agree! I haven’t bought anything Disney since they been treating him like dirt. And I haven’t missed a thing.

  13. Brad

    Disney dying anyways so whatever they do it hurts them more than anyone else Walt Disney would not like what those in charge have done since

  14. Teresa creel

    I look at it like this .. Its Disney’s loss! Johnny Depp will always survive

  15. MaryLeah

    No Johnny Depp – no reason to pay any theatre entry fee or pay-per-virw for any Pirates. Without Depp, there is no Pirates of the Caribbean. Who do you think watched these movies? Simple answer: ADULTS looking for escapism and women lusting after Depp.

  16. Jane

    I have watched all potc and johnny Depp makes the movie look good if he’s not in the possible new one I’m sorry I won’t waste my money to watch it..😠😉😉

  17. Dr K

    . . .”NO Johnny as CPT. JACK,! ? ?. I WON’T Be Back ! ! ! . .That’s the FACT , . .JACK ! ! ! ! . . . . . . . J WINGER

  18. Mary

    No, Johnny no watch I will not watch Captain sparrow without Johnny. Death is no one in the actors world. They can play Jack sparrow. I do not know what Disney is thinking and no one will watch their film. It will be a flop without Johnny deaf playing Jack sparrow Disney needs to stop playing with Johnny death and give them what he wants 30 million I know Johnny.

  19. Ricky Marsden

    Without Johnny Depp I won’t watch it, even when it’s on broadcast tv with commercials!

  20. Johnny 1188

    We’ll Not See Potc Movie If There’s No Johnny Depp As Captain Jack Sparrow! If We Didn’t Get What We Want Than We’ll Boycott It Because Our Money Our Choice

  21. Carol

    Not going to see it then! Johnny Depp is awesome and they should NOT DISCRIMINATE AGAINST HIM!!!

  22. June

    Absolutely not going to see it! JD all the way! ❤️

  23. I wouldn’t think Johnny Depp would want anything to do with the film the horrible way they treated him! He made them all that money and they fired him without any proof, then not even a retraction or an apology? They can’t legally use Captain Sparrow because it’s Johnny’s own creation. I would lose respect for him if he went back and I believe he ( like myself ) has too much pride to go back to work with the people he thought were his friends (as well as his bosses and they turned their backs on him . Complete betrayal. He deserves better and has other talents as well , Disney needed him more than he ‘needed them, and I think Disney should just forget about any further pirate movies ,that ship has sailed and sunk.Johnny can continue to delight sick children, long live Captain Jack Sparrow, Goodbye Disney

  24. I Think Johnny Depp has too much pride to go back to Disney after the way they treated him! He made them all that money and how did they thank him? By firing him without any evidence at all! There are things more important than money, and loyalty is one , Disney turned their back on Johnny when he needed them the most , I would lose respect for him if he went back and I believe he ( like me ) wouldn’t do it for any amount of money . Disney can’t legally use Captain Jack Sparrow anyway since it was ( is) Johnny’s creation. Captain Sparrow will continue to live on as Johnny will always delight sick children with his swashbuckling ways. As for Disney they will have to put an end to The Pirates , that ship as long sailed and sunk. Johnny has other talents and will prevail . Shame on Disney for their treatment of their star. No retraction? Not even an. apology? No Johnny deserves much more , anyone would , some example Disney is setting for ” Families. I believe that Johnny has ( as do I ) more class than to return to a set that treated him like a common criminal.

  25. Won’t watch it.

  26. Jan W.

    A new ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ without Johnny Depp? I won’t watch it! It’s NOTHING without him!!!

  27. Tom


    1. TJ

      POTC is long lost if Johnny isn’t apart of the movie as CAPT JACK! Long live the Sparrow!

  28. Susan

    Jack Sparrow would not exist without Johnny Depp. His creative ability made this character come alive and that is what made the movies so popular. I would not spend a dime to see another movie of the POTC without Mr. Depp. Disney made a very bad decision when They dropped Him from the franchise.

  29. Jolene Davies

    You won’t catch me watch pirates of the Caribbean at the cinemas. Jonny Depp is the pinnacle of amazing actors and to take him of or ignore him from the pirates of the Caribbean. Is a dark and horrid move, when he was innocent in a web of heard’s lies. Is absolutely shame ful by Disney’s standards.

  30. Moxzhee

    If Disney wants to make a pirate movie called anything else except l, Pirates of the Caribbean, sure, I will watch. But, if Disney wants to make a Pirates of the Caribbean movie without Capt. Jack Sparrow, NOOOOOOOOPE! SORRY, Thats would be like having POTC without Barbossa, being him back too. And Gibbs, Marty all of them. BUT DEFINITELY CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW!

  31. Jean

    Jlc Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow. I will not see the movie without him!

  32. AngelaV

    Definitely not !

  33. Tanya

    No Johnny no Captain Jack..no Captain Jack no Pirates..it’s that simple. I won’t go see it. If Johnny decides to never do another POTC, I’ll support him on it. If he does, then I’ll gladly watch it.

  34. Karin

    I will not watch any old or new POTC without Disney’s recognition and formal appology to Johnny Depp!!!

  35. Kerry

    As normal Disney was to quick to judge him and what the outcome was! therefore the POTC films will not be the same without Johnny Depp as Captain Jack! So the whole family will not be watching again…as he is the film…The arrogance of Disney!

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