Disney Cast Member Commends Guests for Sneaking Into Parks, “It’s Amazing”

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Police officers apprehending the Guest that snuck into Disneyland, as the Disney Cast Member discussed.

Credit: @magicallymckenna

A bold Disneyland Resort Guest took the internet by storm last month when she climbed over an exterior wall into a bush by Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Police officers and a Disney Cast Member lead escorted the trespasser out of Disneyland Park.

This is just one instance of Guests trying to sneak into the Disney Parks. Some try to walk through the exit, while others pay for adult tickets but hide children in strollers to avoid paying for their admission.

Though most Disney Parks fans condemn sneaking into Disneyland or Walt Disney World, Disney Cast Member @shortforlizzard recently offered a different perspective on trespassing:


#stitch with @McKenna Morin I DO NOT SPEAK ON BEHALF OF TWDC. be gay. do crime. down with CEOs and the mega-corps they dictate 😌😌😌 #disney #disneyland

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The Disney Cast Member emphasized that they don’t speak for The Walt Disney Company but joked that they found the recent trespassing hilarious.

“This kind of stuff is so funny,” they said. “I have been at work recently, in the last few months, where I have heard the security calls where they’re looking for someone who has allegedly snuck into the Parks, and honestly, that takes so much f**king effort… I’m so proud of the people who managed to do it.”

“That’s insane. It’s crazy,” the Disney Cast Member added. “You want to go to Disneyland so bad, and you don’t want to pay admission. You’re going to figure out how to sneak in? Like, wow… Whole other level. It’s amazing.”

big thunder mountain at disneyland at night
Credit: Disney

“Be gay. Do crime. Down with CEOs and the mega-corps they dictate,” they joked in the caption.

“This is funny,” @eckonicone agreed. “Props to them.”

It’s important to note that Disney Cast Members’ off-the-clock views don’t reflect their actions while working. These comments were made in jest and don’t represent any employees’ work ethics or Disneyland rule enforcement.

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