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David Tennant wears nonbinary pin and shirt reading leave trans kids alone you absolute freaks to good omens interviews

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  1. Silas

    That Twitter account that wrote his “reply” is satire. It says it right in the profile.
    How can you report this stuff without checking that? I mean come on, friend, you’re making us all look bad 😕

  2. A Mom

    “ puberty is some thing they are not giving a choice over?!” And I am 5 feet tall but would really like to be 6 feet tall. How about helping kids to accept and like themselves? What matters is what we do with the gift of life, not how many ways we can tweak our bodies and become life long medical patients.

    1. Melanie Weir

      With all due respect ma’am, worry about your own children. “Learning to accept yourself” will never work for a trans child if they are not allowed to live truthfully as who they really are – studies have conclusively shown that the part of the brain that understands gender is different in trans people. They will likely be lifelong medical patients either way, because denying that part of yourself inevitably leads to depression, and sometimes even suicide.

      And I repeat my main point, which is that puberty blockers are not permanent and have not been shown to cause long-term damage on the bodies of those who take them. So what is it, exactly, that you are afraid of? Because it seems to me like the answer is simply “things you don’t have enough information on.”

      Also, speaking as someone who is chronically ill and therefore a “lifelong medical patient” myself: Nobody would choose that voluntarily. If you meet someone and it seems like they have chosen it, it’s because the alternative was far, far worse.

      1. Kai

        Your information/lies about puberty blockers is dangerously wrong.

        1. Sarah

          so says random voice on internet with no qualification what so ever.. sheesh, get a proper job.

        2. Melanie Weir

          Give me a source that says that. I have several peer-reviewed scientific ones on my side.

      2. Tom

        Ok groomer

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