Writers and Actors Mob the Gates at Disney Studios

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WGA Protests and Disney

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This week, the Writer’s Strike continues to rage in Hollywood as contract negotiations have yet to be reached. The Screen Actors’ Guild has joined in on the fight, threatening to bring the movie industry to a standstill. However, the protests haven’t just stopped at the streets of LA, as those involved are taking it directly to studios like Disney.

Writers picket a studio
Credit: Variety

According to The New York Times, the protests have been going on for the past 70 days, and disputes over issues like royalties, residuals, wages, and artificial intelligence have yet to reach a satisfactory agreement. Now over 160,000 actors from film and television have joined their cause, walking out of studios for the first time in decades.

Flash Mobs Protest Outside of Walt Disney Studios


#sagaftramember flash mob! We’re #SAGAFTRAstrong in solidarity on the #WGAstrike picket lines! 💪

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It’s one thing to protest with picket signs and large numbers out in a public street, but it’s another to take the fight right to the offender’s front doors. While the flash mob seen in the TikTok above is a non-violent protest, there’s no way that the people inside of Disney’s offices will be able to ignore them.

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Disney has truly struggled with its public image at the theaters lately, and CEO Bob Iger’s comments regarding the strike certainly aren’t winning him any fans either. The millionare head of the Walt Disney Company referred to the protesters and their demands as “unrealistic,” and later admitting to being disturbed by the whole situation.

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The reality of the matter is people in Iger’s position truly do need to be disturbed. The amount of creative minds coming together is both encouraging and terrifying at the same time. Hollywood hasn’t seen a movement this big since the ’80s and it will have results. Whether that includes the strike bringing Hollywood to a grinding halt or not is still up in the air.

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