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  1. Emmicah

    WDW seems to be trying to attract more families recently with their $99 ticket specials, which is nice to see, but I also question if it goes far enough given the slashing of other perks. The paid LL reservations aren’t realistic for any family in my opinion, especially as the cost can add up to a full day ticket for a person if you have 4+ people in the family. It’s sad to see consumers get so much less for their money and between the rising costs and increasingly down times for rides, the parks have begun to feel more akin to a Six Flags than to *Disney*. All of that being said, people aren’t slowing down with their visits anytime soon, so it’ll definitely be to each of us to decide if we still find it an acceptable place to spend our money visiting.

  2. Jack


  3. Nancy

    We used to go to Disney World several times a year . No more . Can’t afford it . It’s beyond the average family anymore . Glad my kids were able to go when younger , they’re grown now .

  4. Glendalough

    Why would anyone want to go to Disney knowing it is a crap show.now. Guests behaving badly, they keep hacking their prices and you don’t get any enjoyment, hotel is bad, shutting down rides, etc. I think it’s hilarious what Desantis is doing, Disney deserves it.

  5. Resent stay no soap in the shower. no towels at pool. have to bring from your room. Had to call for a blanket. It was 45 outside. Asked for a one hour extension on our room. It was denied. I am a frequent guest . After this we decided no reason to stay on the property.

  6. The thing I miss the most is the Magic Your Way. I use to travel with my mom and taking care of an elderly and the luggage is almost imposible. I would’t mind to pay extra for that service, and I think many people would agree with me, specially those who travel with kids, elderly or hadicaped people.

  7. Mike Campbell

    At this point you will never see me in any Disney park, hotel or store. The prices are criminal, the parks have more attractions shut down than working. There greed and others issues will be the end of them. Walt would have never allowed this evolution.

  8. Tanya Mayberry

    When we went in 2007 we had the free dining promotion and we stayed at the Pop Century. I think we may have paid $100 a night. It took saving money, yes, but not as much as it would now. Fast passes were free and easy to attain and there was no My Disney Experience app and we did do both morning and evening extra magic hours. I think it’s very unfair that now night time extra hours are reserved for Deluxe resort guests. I couldn’t afford to go now and even if I could, I wouldn’t want to have to be tied to my phone all day and not have any spontaneous fun. I love Disney but they lost Walt’s vision with the parks long ago. Now its all about the almighty dollar and that’s sad. And don’t even get me started on the crap with the governor.

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