TRON Lightcycle Run Debuts Official Trailer

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A couple rides TRON Lightcycle/Run

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Disney released a thrilling 90-second promotional trailer for one of Walt Disney World’s newest attractions, TRON Lightcycle Run to provide a virtual joyride for fans. Its new POV footage is compelling guests to keep entering “the Grid.” The ride’s official “Rez Day” began on April 4, 2023 and is the fastest rollercoaster at the Magic Kingdom with a top speed of 59 miles per hour.

Shanghai Disneyland debuted the first iteration of the TRON-themed attraction in 2016.  One of the most exhilarating features is that both coasters have allowed each passenger to mount individual lightcycles. This ride mount is similar to Avatar Flight of Passage and brings a more visceral and gripping experience. While the failures of the virtual queues and inconvenience of loading personal belongings into lockers beforehand have given some guests pause, the coaster continues to have a big draw.

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The ride was inspired by the 2010 movie, TRON: Legacy. It was a sequel to the 1982 film, TRON, that takes place 20 years later. The story follows Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), the son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), who was the computer programmer who was sucked into the Grid in the original. Sam investigated his father’s two decade disappearance and discovered that he was trapped in this neon covered virtual reality. He was thrown into a series of deadly gladiatorial games that culminated with the iconic lightcycle races. Sam used his tenacity and courage find his father, stop the villain, Clu, and escape the Grid.

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TRON: Legacy was a critical and commercial success that grossed over $400 million worldwide. The movie was praised for its visual effects, immersive action sequences and its legendary soundtrack composed by the electronic dance music dro, Daft Punk. It has maintained a devoted fanbase that is now drawn to the Magic Kingdom’s latest state-of-the-art attraction.

Have you been on TRON Lightcycle Run? How does it compare with the other Walt Disney World rollercoasters?

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