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Sleeping Beauty Castle in Black and White

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. Tim

    There is no movie of the event.

    Wasn’t she where she wasn’t supposed to be?

    1. Me

      Wouldn’t think so since cell phones didn’t exist back then and cam corders were big and bulky with terrible video detail at the time.
      Back in them days accidents like that were common. Not nearly half the amount of safety regulations as we do today. But let’s not say it’s her fault but Disneys for hosting an unsafe working environment.

  2. Mans

    Not cool this video was ever even posted and edited to pretend to be the actual footage. It’s sick. My friend was the lead that day and he still doesn’t forgive himself for what happened that day. Thankfully, he isn’t on social media to see this.

    1. H

      100% agreed. Fake or not, this is sickening.

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