Sheryl Lee Ralph Says Janine and Gregory “Definitely Need Therapy” on Abbott Elementary

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Abbot Elementary is, without a doubt, one of the biggest – and best – sitcoms on television. Telling the story of a group of teachers doing their very best at an underfunded Philadelphia public school, the ABC series shines a light on the unique struggles presented to teachers in the United States today.

It also features one of the most charming, loveable, relatable characters ever to hit television, already ranking among legendary workplace ensemble casts like The Office and Parks and Recreation. 

The series features Everybody Hates Chris’ Tyler James Williams as Gregory Eddie, the legendary Sheryl Lee Ralph as Barbara Howard, the adorable Chris Perfetti as Jacob Hill, and multitalented creator Quinta Brunson as newcomer Janine Teagues.

When is ‘Abbott Elementary’ Coming Back?

abbott elementary quinta brunson as janine teagues tyler james williams as gregory eddie franklin institute
Credit: ABC

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The show is between seasons now and will likely remain that way for a while unless the Writers’ Strike ends sooner than expected. However, the show is likely safe from cancellation; it is one of the only sitcoms that ABC saved a spot for in their fall lineup, which is now mostly populated with game shows and unscripted reality TV.

It’s not just the network and the fans who love this show: It turns out the actors in Abbott Elementary are just as invested in what’s going on as those of us watching from the outside – especially Sheryl Lee Ralph.

abbott elementary quinta brunson as janine teagues tyler james williams as gregory eddie sheryl lee ralph as barbara howard
Credit: ABC

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Ralph told Deadline that she is particularly attached to Janine:

It hurts my feelings when they hurt Janine or when anything happens to Janine because it’s like, I just want Janine to thrive. And that’s why I need her to get into therapy before she takes this relationship with Gregory further.

Just like her character Barbara (and all of us in the audience), it seems Ralph is deeply concerned about the well-being of Janine Teagues, especially after meeting her…wayward mother.

When Will Gregory and Janine Get Together?

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Credit: ABC

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As much as we may all want Janine and Gregory to be together on Abbott Elementary, the actress behind the wise Barbara Howard agrees with Janine’s assessment that she needs to take time for herself first – and Gregory too.

I honestly feel that these are two young people who definitely need therapy. I don’t know what the writers have planned, but if they were real people, I would say, ‘Look, you two young people, you need some therapy. You’ve got some issues that you need to work out, and that’s what you need to do before you take any of this further.’

Janine has mommy issues, and Gregory’s got daddy issues. Lord have mercy.

So far, Janine is just going on a vacation, not to therapy. Still, we’ll see what the summer holds for all the teachers whenever Abbott Elementary returns – which, we’d like to remind the networks still holding off on making a deal with the WGA, is entirely up to them.

What do you think will happen between Janine and Gregory on next season of Abbott Elementary? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments.

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