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Hogwarts at Universal Orlando Resort's Islands of Adventure

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  1. Barbara

    There’s no reason for me to go to Universal Studios if the Wizarding World is closed. 😢

  2. Susan Shedlow

    I believe that Harry Potter attractions should continue at Universal Studios in Orlando FL.

    Everyone has the right to express their point of view.

    This is an opportunity to discuss this issue openly

  3. Jimmy

    Even with the boycotts against the video that released earlier this year, the game sold 12 million copies in the first two weeks and beat twitches concurrent viewers record for a single player video game. These numbers definitely do not represent an IP that’s on its way out.

  4. Aby

    Harry Potter’s will continue in Universal bitc…….h

    1. Michael


  5. Nancy

    I am a former annual passholder and i worked at Diz part-time for several years. Unlike Disney, Universal (aka Global if you went to Disney College) actually allows and encourages both adults and kid to have age appropriate FUN!

  6. Katrina

    No, I love Harry Potter and it’s franchises, I don’t care what Joanne Rowling says about her opinion on not liking gender equality issues. I’m Bi myself, and I have a Harry Potter tattoo symbols on my left arm. There are several tattoo artists and companies that won’t do any Harry Potter tattoos at all. I’m a big fan of the Harry Potter franchises. I have two sets of each of the books and movies. Please keep the Harry Potter theme park!!!! I’m traveling 25 hours to Japan to go visit their universal studios as well.

  7. Katrina

    Also, I just want to post in, her opinions are her own. Just like anyone’s opinion is their own. No need to get all spazzy over it. Jeeze.

    1. Lindsey

      Agreed 100%. And I don’t even get what’s so wrong with what she said. “Trans women are trans women and women are women” is just not a big deal. I can’t have a conversation with a trans woman about how excluded we are in the world of Ayahuasca ceremonies, because women cannot attend 5 days before her menstrual cycle, during her menstrual cycle, or 5 days after. That’s over half the month, and the shaman don’t do extra ceremony days for women who couldn’t attend. (This is just a recent thing that is bugging me about being a woman.) And a trans woman can’t talk to me about how excluded we are in the dating world (because I’m not trans, and have had no troubles there). We have different struggles. We’re similar in a lot of ways, and we’re different in some ways. And that’s ok, and I just don’t get all of this nonsense. !! Haha

  8. Chris Wood

    Harry Potter isn’t going no where. Universal studios is less placating and pandering then Disney. If the fans don’t like what Rawlings has to say, then they don’t have to visit Harry Potter world plain and simple. Universal studios pretty much listens to the fans. They haven’t bowed down to pressure by being for forced into partaking in pride.
    They may have, we just haven’t seen any videos.

  9. Ged Rhoades

    Love the potter lands in universal. I don’t understand the hassle jk Rowling is getting. If I know a woman who’s pregnant I’d normally ask do you know if it’s a boy or a girl. It’s like saying rains wet or sun’s bright.

  10. Ed

    Only a tiny minority don’t agree with her.

    1. Mr. B

      And yet the main Street Media make it seem otherwise. They just can’t leave it alone which is just making things worse. Division sells

    2. Lindsey

      That’s so true. Very few people don’t think that trans women are trans women and women are women. Also, very few people don’t think that people and particularly children need to be taking FEWER drugs, not MORE drugs (these new hormone therapies that are being prescribed for children) (yikes!). Those are her two opinions, and I don’t know anybody, gay, straight or inbetween, who disagrees with either. Most people are NOT “woke” neo-liberals. I’m an awake progressive, and most people I know are too.

  11. Voldy

    Quite the opposite. Universal Studios Epic will feature a new HP area and it is slated to be The Ministry of Magic.

    1. Lindsey


  12. Gigi

    Quit trying to make something out of nothing. Maybe Universal also realized if they don’t gouge people pricewise they will keep their parks full.

  13. David A

    In todays society, anything can be looked at as being controversial. Many people, including leaders, politicians, and hard working individuals, retired individuals can be looked at their opinions and beliefs, and have disagreements with some group. Everyone is different, but the point is, no one should try to make people think they are wrong.
    There is common courtesy that should be taught and followed by all human being at an early age. Sometimes it is best to keep your thought’s and opinions to yourself. Be humble, and kind, which will gather more positive action in the long run.
    In todays world too much “communication” being the internet, text, a phone in every hand, will cause descent in both positive and negative aspects of people expressing their thoughts. Say something and it will be public. Years back during the 50’s 60’s information was not spread around like today as rampant as it is.

  14. Patricia Hucks

    It would definitely be a saddening thing for Harry Potter to leave Universal Studios. I was introduced to Harry Potter by my daughter during the time of Deathly Hallows, part one. I was amazed at how easy it was to follow the movie’s makeup. After that movie, I immediately purchased all the movies and binge watched in amazement. I continued to watch the movies and purchase collectibles. I visit Universal Orlando as much as I can, simply because I enjoy all the attractions, especially Harry Potter. Universal Studios without Harry Potter would be less desirable to many.

  15. Khristina

    I hope it’s not. Harry Potter riders are the only ride I go on.

  16. Michael

    Harry Potter isn’t going anywhere! It’s making money still on merchandise and is a household name till this day! Those boycotting HP isn’t biting it at all as the numbers are still UP!!! Soon a new series and a new park in Orlando! It’s growing !

    1. It is disgusting the way JK Rowling has been treated for expressing her personal opinion. Good for her! Clearly majority doesn’t count anymore as the power lies with minorities.

  17. Laura

    The only reason I go to Universal anymore is because of the Harry Potter attractions. I enjoy the tour but I have done that many times. So remove Harry and I’m gone

  18. Mr. B

    There are only two genders regardless of your feelings or fantasies. You can be a unicorn for all I care. Don’t expect people to accept it

  19. Dave

    Amazing, you can give almost a billion dollars to charities and if you voice an opinion that isn’t 100% politically correct and you’re suddenly a villain. I guess opinions are only allowed if you take a poll and and find out what they should be

    1. David

      1) The new park is going to have a new HP area. 2) HP Legacy sold over double what was predicted and has made over a billion dollars. 3 I guaranty I stream Twitch more often that you do, and I have seen no harassment whatsoever for the streamers. This reads like it was written by someone that wants there to be a HP problem, rather than by someone well informed of the actual happenings.

  20. M

    I don’t think it’s going anywhere, my boyfriend and I are planning to go next year it’s takes that long to get vacation days and we’re in our 60s!!
    Universal is building the huge new Epic park so y’all whiners can go thete.

  21. Marc

    How did that Hogwarts Legacy boycott go? 850M in retail sales within 2 weeks. That boycott never happened.

  22. Jaden

    I think Harry Potter’s stay at the parks depends on the performance of the upcoming TV reboot. If it is a success and resonates with audiences then Universal will likely update the attractions to feature the cast of the reboot. But if not, I CAN see them potentially reverting the license back to JK Rowling and replacing it with something new (ie. Nintendo properties or just a new popular franchise)

  23. Duh

    Of course it has everything to do with Rowling and nothing to do with the economy, inflation, or the fact that it’s sweltering hot in Florida during the summer.

  24. SlicksMcGee

    It would be a MASSIVE mistake for Universal to get rid of Harry Potter IP…
    ….and great it would be for great for Disney!
    Some folks just need to grow thicker skins and not be offended by others opinions.

  25. Eric you

    I hope that this month and next month is full of stuff related to Halloween horror nights at universal studios Orlando Florida and Hollywood Los Angeles California along with updates on the new despicable me minions illumination animation film studios themed area over at universal studios Orlando Florida resorts original main theme park.

  26. Randi B

    I agree with Rowling. And I find it interesting that the people who are screaming the loudest about diversity and acceptance are the same people who don’t believe anyone should have a right to believe anything if you don’t agree with their personal opinion.

  27. AG

    Harry Potter is still being read, loved and watched by many people. I read it with my children when it came out. We reread it occasionally. My grandchildren are growing up on it and love it too. And we’ve gone to universal for Harry Potter. I doubt I’d go back if it’s removed

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