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Planning picture beside tourists posing as Disneyland rescues California's economy

Credit: Disney


  1. Chris

    LOL, now that Disneyland may save the economy, Newsom is pretending he likes Disneyland, but during COVID he made it clear he hated them. Don’t fall for the lies now, Newsom is just as evil as DeSantis is.

    1. Robert

      Actually he followed the available science at the time and did the right thing. How do I know? I’m an actual scientist.

      1. Chris

        No, he didn’t, other states reopened their theme parks well before California and had less devastation. Newsom intentionally screwed up the economy in the name of science.

    2. Robert

      LOL Newsom NEVER hated Disney. Now you’re just being silly.

      1. Chris

        Yes, he did, his actions proved it quite well.

    3. But not much

      Desantis would torture a puppy on livestream video to get back at an ex wife.
      For all newsom does he’s slightly better.

  2. Duke Peters

    Get your facts straight. There are18.5 million employed people in California, and the unemployment rate is only 4.5%. The addition of 4,500 jobs at Disney makes little difference. And the extremely wet winter has filled the State’s reservoirs to capacity and made its snowpack at near-record levels – there is no drought.

  3. Paully

    Ever been to Tokyo DisneySea??
    Build one of those in Anaheim..

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