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Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs in the 'Fast and the Furious' franchise

Credit: Universal Pictures


  1. Doty

    It’s all about money and fame. I am disappointed with it all. Fake money actors.

  2. Lastsam57

    Or is it really just REAL money entertainment that for 3 hours transports our eyes and brains into fantasy ecstasy….

  3. James D.

    Can we just move on from Dwayne Johnson. He’s a one dimensional actor and it’s not a good one. He can’t act and he thinks too highly of himself than he can deliver and has gotten to big for his britches. He bombed Black Adam because of his ego, and now he’s grasping at anything or any project or franchise that’ll bring him on to rescue his career. He’s even gonna try to make a live action movie of Maui. He can’t just.not be the center of attention and make everything about him and he’s lackluster.

  4. Bugsy5grand

    Why can’t people just enjoy the movies for what they are entertainment if you like them you do if you don’t you don’t and of course these actors are going to be making multimillions of dollars it goes with the show.

  5. Don Peltier

    I always enjoyed a Dwayne Johnson action movie!! Skyscraper, San Andreas, Hobbs & Shaw, F&F 7,8 even Central Intelligence!! I don’t care about the money. The Rock Rules!!

    1. Cassie

      Same for me. I enjoy a good movie, story line and actor bringing that energy that keeps me at the edge of my seat. Money not my business. Not all of the Rock movies are successful , but entertaining. I would pay to see his movie!

  6. Steven

    I have to agree that it’s either all or nothing with Johnson. He has to be the center of attention or it’s not the right movie for him to make. Vin Diesel is the Godfather of Fast & Furious and the family of actors he brings with him. Johnson will never match that or better that.

  7. John

    Who is Jason cena?

    1. Vinny

      This! Lol

    2. Cassie

      Ex Wrestler turned actor who plays Dom brother.

  8. C. McDowell

    I love the franchise and Dwayne Johnson! Very excited to see him return! They are one family!

  9. A. Rucks

    > his subsequent bid to try and take over the DCU

    If you are trying to become a professional journalist, you should try to use proper grammar.

  10. Mike

    It’s John Cena, not Jason Cena.

  11. Stephen

    The main reason the black Adam movie bombed was because of the writing not Dwayne Johnson. The movie itself was made to be centered around the concept of Black Adam being an anti-hero when DC fan knows his character has been and always be a villain. The core of who his character was was completely changed just to make a DC movie that Dwayne Johnson could have been the star of. The core audience was ignored and when that happens any movie is likely to bomb.

  12. Kp

    Dwayne Johnson’s best performance acting was an underrated San Andreas. Totally disappointed is Jason Momoa’s acting in FastX. Painted nail polish and overly trying to act trans or gay didn’t work. The franchise definitely is better with Dwayne in it. Will not be rushing to see AquaFag anytime soon.

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