Disneyland Grad Nite a Complete “Waste,” Only for “Mouse Kissers,” Report Says

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Three teens take a selfie during Disneyland Grad Nite.

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Adult Guests have undoubtedly noticed the influx of teens at Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park in the last few weeks for Disneyland Grad Nite, an annual late-night event series for Southern California high school graduates.

Though Disney California Adventure shuts down for the event, the teenagers and their chaperones gain access to both Disney Parks alongside regular Guests in the early afternoon. For years, Disney Parks fans have complained about chaos and lewd behavior from the high schoolers – but this time, it’s the Disneyland Resort Grad Nite Guests with a bone to pick.

Reddit user u/whybother_incertname shared their negative experience as a chaperone for Grad Nite this weekend: “It was a waste of time.”

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“Almost every ride was closed,” the Guest wrote. “What is the point of having the Park to ourselves when the only thing you could do was the random dance parties & the old fashioned carnival rides that you can find anywhere?! DAS also had issues all night then stopped working at midnight… #worstgradniteever.”

“At the beginning, incredicoaster was opened & we waited 3hrs for it but then it closed for the night,” they recalled.

Some commenters accused the Guest of being ungrateful, but they stood their ground.

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“For those mouse kissers saying we’re lucky to have even gone — think of those kids that have never gone, will never get to go again & the one time they do go, nothing works,” they argued. “And for us parents paying for it, it was a total waste of money paying for gradnite instead of a regular ticket. Yes, not everyone gets to have gradnite at DCA or DL. Yes, my kid was lucky his school picked DCA. However, Disney, just like any other company, has an obligation to provide the product you’re paying for and they did not. It was not worth the money or the hours to be there.”

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