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Three children - two dresses as Disney Princesses and one as a Disney Princess- in the new Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique which was modified to better fit the new Disney World gender neutral guidelines.

Credit: Disney


  1. Charles

    I’m the gayest kid in my school, and even I think this is silly. Let’s be real instead of conforming to mental illness. Jesus.

    1. talkwithjacob

      Pretty sure Jesus would be all about respecting people over being upset over a few letters. Sorry this change by a private company with pursuits of creating safe and inclusive places within their resorts is difficult for you. Thoughts and prayers.

  2. Chris

    Sorry, but inclusion is not a new key for Disney, as they are still excluding a lot of guests with disabilities and larger guests due to bad attraction and queue designs

    1. talkwithjacob

      Have you been to a theme park recently? Compare Disney’s ADA compliance with any other theme park and I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised. Just compare their new Mickie & Minnie Runaway Railway with Universals Mario Kart restrictions (40″ max waist?!). While some attractions pre-date a lot of current ADA regulations, they have made a valiant effort to update these attractions and new attractions are designed with all these regulations in mind (and to come.) I’m consistently surprised when I visit a Disney Park as to how they really go the extra mile to accommodate guests and ensure that everyone who attends a park will have enough activates to enjoy their day.

  3. Gary

    That is completely wrong & Walt would not approve!

  4. Smith Nellon

    AP holder for decades, and am solicited by Disney to complete surveys constantly.

    The best way Disney could serve customers is to ask how they feel about the social engineering and political involvement the company currently emphasises. If the majority of customers are for it, full speed ahead. If the majority think it’s insane to tell people how they will now change their perception life on planet Earth to conform to a manufactured standard, and completely out of the lane of an entertainment company to be involved in politics whatsoever, kill that madness immediately and clean up your management ranks to re-establish pragmatic operations.

    As you might guess, that all important question has NEVER been asked.

    Lots of steered-answer data about churros and face masks collected, though.

  5. jj

    Jess is terrible

  6. RickTR

    Nothing like encouraging mental illness.

  7. imisswalt

    Inclusive to everyone except males and females. I am clearly a woman and proud of it. Quit calling me friend while rolling your eyes at my family.
    Also, you can’t be genderless. You’re not made with Barbie parts. CM Men in dresses? Come on. Stop this silliness already.

  8. Ed

    Obviously, God created us. Look at how complicated out bodies are! It is impossible that it was random chance. In His love, God created Adam and Eve to get married and have children, a family. Pride destroyed satan. Now “Pride” is destroying many others trying to rebel against a loving God and thinking they know better than Him. The irony is tragic.

  9. Rob

    Disney needs to stop caving to the mental illnesses of others. Prince & Princess. Girls & Boys. Not that complicated Disney!

  10. P.C.Knott

    Oh for phux sake people. There is only TWO genders! You are either a boy or a girl. Period. If you are biologically a girl who identifies as a boy, then you are still a boy, same goes if you are a boy who identifies as a girl, you are still a girl. Stop the “inclusive” nonsense of using “guests” of all ages. There was nothing wrong with ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. You identify as one of them, regardless!

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