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  1. Trisha

    I am sorry….I consider myself a Disney girl & am proud that I grew up on all the Disney classics without havi g a warning shown b4 the movies. All this crap is going to ruin Disney. What made Disney great & fun….its all going away because of political correctness. Peoples feelings anymore are so easily hurt its insane. Growing up I never found anything harmful…Disney is starting to disappoint rather then make me happy….world is becoming a scary and sad place….

  2. Tony

    The only harmful Diney movies are the recent ones with adult themes and pushing alphabet lifestyles.

  3. The word historical and purge should never be used in the same sentence. Under any circumstances.

  4. Haven

    Some heavily subversive stuff in Swiss Family Robinson and Lady and the Tramp ….. Sounds like something you would come up with smoking a ton of weed and watching Fantasia …..

  5. Awake

    Any person who believes their lives or ideas or feelings are harmed by a piece of art is a buffoon. That goes for the left and right equally.

    Full stop.

  6. James

    But yet current homosexual activity in the children’s cartoons and movies is allowed to continue? We don’t watch this anymore and Walt would be horrified with today’s Disney!

  7. Suzanne

    People have the choice to choose and watch what they want on any channel. If you don’t like something, don’t watch it. I don’t watch shows that are scary or about murder or evil. I don’t like explicit sex scenes and those are even in shows that teens watch. I love Disney and have since I was a child. I don’t watch everything on their channels- just what I want. Same with all streamers. We all have choices and the freedom to choose.

  8. Cheryl C

    This is the further “de-disnification” of Disney. Removing content for the whiny 3% and adding crappy IP rides and attractions to the parks. I’m pretty much done with WDW, but will visit Disneyland again.

  9. Gary

    Classic Disney movies must be kept at all costs I do not give a hoot what Woke wants!

  10. Gary

    Make that original movies!

  11. Ridley S.

    I swear Disney is getting more pathetic by the minute. This so-called offensive content is part of history. We learn about it in history class. You cannot hide history. And now they’re ruining Splash Mountain by changing it into Princess and the Frog. Disney is just shooting themselves in the foot

  12. Kathy Kelly

    If these classic movies are upsetting to you—— don’t watch them. If you children are playing any type of video game, like that is not rated E then they are watching and learning a lot more harmful items than what these movies do.

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