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  1. And this is what many of us have known from the beginning. The problem arises when they were taken over by activists. Their “messages” are no longer universal. They are pandering to the woke crowd on twitter, instead of parents. That’s why they are failing as a company. Easy to see as an outsider.

  2. Joe

    Maybe if they stopped making everything a political statement and just made a good kids movie with no agenda then their movies wouldn’t bomb. Look at the Mario movie. Killed it at the box office. No agenda, no politics, just good holesome movie that doesn’t try to reinvent or push anything.

  3. sfcpres

    You might want to rethink that approach Pete. Instead of concentrating on a message, try creating an entertaining storyline first. The message can be subtly worked in. People want entertainment not preaching or your staff’s ideology.

  4. Cmurder

    Go woke go broke

  5. Backcountry164

    Stick a fork in it, it’s done. Disney is budget cutting left and right. There’s no way they move forward with two animation studios. Pixar has been a pale shadow since John Lasseter was ousted. I’m surprised it lasted this long.

  6. GarbageJuicer

    Unfortunately, as this crept in, consumers would give a little so they would push more. Fortunately, after realizing how they have stopped entertaining families, we’ve turned turned our attention elsewhere. At this point, I would just prefer Disney to lose more money as we take it elsewhere until Disney goes through a complete overhaul so they can go back to basics.

  7. Joetuesday420

    Sometimes a movie just needs to be a movie. Kids don’t need politics or social issues that put a burden on them because it’s something they don’t understand yet. There’s plenty of time for them to meet the cold messed up world we live in but for now while they are kids they need to be kids. The fact that companies like Pixar and Disney are trying so hard to swoop in before parents have a chance to or feel it’s the right time to speak to their kids and change the way my child thinks about the world and about himself or herself is inappropriate and something that should be considered an attack on those families. My kid is my kid and my kid will grow up with what I teach them, if at some point they find a new point of view when they are ready to fully understand I will step aside and let them live their lives when they are ready! for gonzo of muppet babies, a show that is for kids between maybe 1-5 in Disney jr, to feel the need to dress like a princess in order to plant some kind of seed in a kid under 5’s mind is inappropriate and again an attack on our families. If 99% of kids are confident in who they are and are becoming, why do we need to make them think there is a problem for them not having a problem. The world today is telling children that if u don’t have a problem with your gender, then you have a problem when u really don’t have one. The idea of being “normal” today is a problem for those who champion alternative lifestyles over the regular majority lifestyle. Why does my heterosexuality bother you? Why does my being happy with my given genitalia bother you? I’m fine with my pe… And it’s gonna stay where it is.

  8. LegoGuru2000

    “We make stuff we want to see ourselves”

    This here is the problem. After 3 epic bombs you’d think this guy would get the hint that the majority don’t want to see that which he wants to see. If he were to simply focus on making child friendly, political ideological messaging free content it might make some money.

  9. Smith

    Look all these MAGA wackos here. It is no surprise you never understand anything other than Playboy.

  10. Donna from florida

    Leave our kids alone. It’s that simple. No activism. No “messages”. No indoctrination. No sexual connotations. It’s simple.

  11. John Talley

    I seems John Lasseter was Pixar’s single point of failure. Now that he’s been forced out – Disney should cut their losses and fold Pixar into Disney animation.

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