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  1. Ken Jack

    The studios are paddling upstream against the current and they’re dangerously close to a gigantic waterfall. I ran a 8 screen cinema from 2002-2005. Every year more people were choosing to stay home with video and downloads. Now streaming. The pandemic delivered a fatal blow to the industry, and like the proverbial chicken, it’s not aware that they’re already dead.

    1. Daryl-Rhys


  2. Karol Baskins

    It seems the joy and enthusiasm that once defined the culture at Pixar has been squeezed out by the mouse house. It can currently be found (along with enviable box office returns) at Illumination.
    People are willing to go to cinemas but they aren’t willing to fork over close to a hundred dollars for a family of four to see a joyless cash grab that rubs the personal politics of Disney’s creative executive class into the noses of working class patrons.
    Stick to story, leave the social awareness stunts for the campaign trail.

    1. Daryl-Rhys

      Joyless cash grab? Politics? That describes illumination movies, not Disney.

      1. MommaBear

        You are so incorrect honey, 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣… the proof is in the numbers sweetheart. Super Mario Bros movie made $204.6m on it’s opening day and Lightyear only made $51m on it’s opening day. Oh, & Elemental made $29.6m on it’s opening WEEKEND. And it’s because parents like myself don’t like agendas shoved down our kids throats. Go woke go broke is real Daryl-Rhys. Disney IS a joyless cashgrab and politics! But CashGrab is a bit of a stretch at the moment, they are flopping on movies left and right. I’m sure Walt is rolling in his grave.

    2. DeLaunhardt

      MY GOSH I love your comment!! Its funny how quickly the left wants to ignore the success of NON-WOKE films when discussing the failure of films like “Lightyear”, “Strangeworld” and now, deservedly, “Elemental”….

      As the saying goes that they are proving time & again:

      1. David


    3. MR. BRETT

      @Karol Baskins

      YES!!!! Thank you! This is exactly right! Disney needs to get back to the basics and make great stories again. Once they went WOKE and catered to the minority, they lost the trust of their main audience. Disney has never been the same since. Also, Disney has pushed so much material (Marvel, Star Wars, etc.) that it’s all overwhelming, and people can’t keep up with the films/shows/series anymore. It’s extremely disappointing!

      1. David

        Absolutely correct

  3. Former Disney Nut

    Disney/Pixar needs to stop with the woke bullshit. They swore up and down they would continue making movies like that but something tells me they’re going to change that tune. The majority doesn’t care to see that deranged gender trans garbage.

    1. Daryl-Rhys

      Yet you all went to see Spiderverse with an actual trans flag in it.

    2. David


  4. Walt

    We LONG for a movie to go to at the theater – but all Disney is producing at all levels and in all areas is social engineering lessons and indoctrination. Count me out/. It has nothing to do with the cost. As far a streaming – if the movie comes out in the theater why would you put it on a streaming service so quickly to undercut your returns. Just one more stupid thing Iger and his gang of thugs came up with.

    1. Daryl-Rhys

      You best not gone seen any movie produced now because they all do it much worse.

  5. Stephan

    It is strange. I have watched Lightyear and it is truly a great movie. Much better than I expected after reading those reviews. I think the problem is America’s toxic politics rather than the quality of those movies. Extremists seem to push against those films due to fabricated controversies that they use in their culture wars.


    Parents are still taking their kids to see movies, just not Disney movies. i.e. Mario Movie did really well. Spider-man across the Spiderverse has performed solidly as well. In 2022, Minions killed in the box office.

    The problem is not theaters. It is 100% a branding problem at this point. Disney was once a brand that parents trusts as being appropriate for children. They will have to make a lot of moves to restore that lost goodwill.

    1. Eugenia

      Perfectly said. It’s ok to include others who are different but shoving and preaching, making the whole thing about them just takes away from the story. And Disney is starting to forget what childhood is and what is appropriate in childhood….turn around once and childhood is gone. It needs to be able to be the wonder it is and adulthood should not impose itself on that.

  7. Love the Disney movies. They are no longer the same. Not good for my children. Disney and all thing Disney was one my favorite things. Over the last couple of years it changed so much.

  8. Bella

    I’m sorry I’m not going to pay the high ticket price to sit in a theater with other people who have to keep getting up from their seat (for what ever reason), people talking, kids screaming, or missing part of the movie to go to the restroom (should I have an emergency issue). In addition, pay those high prices for snacks. When I can sit on my comfy sofa, with my big screen TV, and (theater quality) surround sound and watch a movie when ever I want to. Sorry Pixar you and other studios are just going to have to adjust to the “new” way of people watching your movies.

  9. Al

    If the new Super Mario Brothers movie proved anything, it’s that people DO want to take their family to the theatre. The only catch is the film cannot have any woke stuff in it. Just follow a simple storyline, make the graphics incredible, and people will line up to watch it. One day other studios will get this through their thick skulls.

    1. T


  10. T

    Stop trying to indoctrinate children in your films and maybe that’ll solve your problem! Elemental along with other recent films have scenes that shouldn’t be shown to children. Why is that so hard to understand?! Does Pixar really think we are blind or don’t know how to check for these scenes before deciding to see a movie ? As long as this trash is put in what’s supposed to be an “ all age “ film then they can continue to tank !

  11. Andrew

    DISNEY/PIXAR Stop the woke agenda. My children do NOT want to see a binary character. They do not want to see same sex kisses. They certainly are tired of seeing heroes reduced to feeble old men while a stronger “Mary-Sue” who has all the answers makes all the decisions. We will NOT go to amymore Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Pixar or Marvel films.

  12. Jan K.

    Go back to your roots! People will go to a theater for a positive movie for their families (All ages). There is a saying going around now, “Stay woke go broke!”.

  13. David

    Disnry is catering to a small audience who do not pay to see these films. Stop the Woke baloney

  14. Happily Ever After

    Go woke . . . Go broke.
    They need to learn this!

  15. Maria

    Disney actually has a woke agenda its been proven by their video interviews with their execs. Didnt one of their cheif diversity execs just leave the company? Thoughts?

  16. Dave

    I have not been to the cinema in 5 years. And I don’t really have any intention of going back. Will wait to stream.

  17. Jake

    Disney used to be about family. Now it’s about a woke agenda. Get back to basic family values and your fan base will return

  18. Sam

    Disney films are about fun and magic and wonder. Not political agendas. Disney is just trying to cover themselves. I’m 37 and I still love old school Disney. They are putting changes into remakes that were never questioned. Ex: the new Little Mermaid had new song lyrics to the iconic song Kiss the Girl because Disney did not want to make it seem like Ariel had no choice in kissing Prince Eric because she couldn’t speak Umm..hello? I know the original by heart and NOWHERE in the film is Ariel forced to do anything she doesn’t want. She makes some mistakes along the way but that’s teenagers

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