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A view of Pixar Pier at night, overlooking the lake. You can see Pixar Pal-A-Round and Incredicoaster.

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  1. faackanders2

    We were at Cedar Point the first day Millenial Force roller coaster opened and was like a 8-10 hr wait, which we did not do. Doing anything on the first (excitement) or known last day(limited/exhausted supply) of a ride, one can expect really long waits! It is when they have long lines on a regular day that it is a problem, and perhaps Disney is selling too many lightning and Genie+ LL passes, and should reduce the supply of them.

    1. Gary

      I know I’ll return at some point in the future, so I refuse to wait more than an hour. I will say I was not happy with ratatouille when I rode that, the standby when I got in line was about an hour. With the lightning lanes and fast passes, it was nearly 2 hours but the time we got on and we were late for our lunch at chefs of France. Fortunately we were still able to get lunch.

  2. Mad mike

    As a Florida resident, I would never step foot in disney again. I have better things to do, than wait in line for 2 hours, for a ride that is annoying. Place is so expensive. I just do not see the appeal unless you are 6 years old.

    1. Pcat

      I agree. We used to love Disneyworld and went nearly every year but between the crowds, the rising costs and the long lines, we finally gave up. Sad. They used to control the amount of people in the park, now it’s pack as many in as they possibly can.

  3. Killer Queen

    Well if people would stop breeding like it’s going out of style, things would be much more enjoyable for everyone.

    1. Jack Sparrow

      The birth rate is down in the US.
      Stop embarrassing yourself getting your “news” from BkueAnon blogs.

  4. Old School

    Absolutely not worth my time or money. I would much rather make pleasant memories with my kids with enjoying fulfilling activities, impactful outings, and satisfying trips that give me a good return for my dollar. Something that leaves us positive, happy, and not totally exhausted from shoulder to shoulder crowds and hours of lines. I had amazing memories of Disneyland throughout the ’80s, ’90s, and early 2000s. But those times are definitely times of the past.

  5. Big C

    I came back frustrated from Disney world. I paid close to 4k$ to discover I was a standby customer. At one point on soarin they were letting over 100 LL’s through for every 4 standby. I’m surprised they don’t cap the LL’s to allow for reasonable wait times for the others. They should either limit LL or increase prices and just have one line for all…

  6. Me

    Not familiar with Disney in California at all, but I Florida with the exception of the magic kingdom, all other parks have fewer than 15 rides. Thousands of people per day no wonder the lines are so long. They should add more attractions.

    1. Lisa Antcliff

      If we stop buying LL. We are making everyone wait longer!

      1. Bob

        Disney rides are designed for having long wait times. Most ride venues are single line rides, and this is how Disney designed the ride venues. They have your money and that is all by design.

  7. Sarah

    As a family we decided no ride is worth more than a 60m wait. So we went when the park was a little less packed and stay at the Disney resorts to get extra time. But skip slinky dog dash and snow white those are terrible waits and not worth the ride. I would also skip disney all summer long. Life is too short to wait in line and no I don’t want to pay extra to schedule my rides on genie + The price of the tickets is already crazy and if they want a better experience they should do virtual que for free just to help improve the experience for everyone at dianey. Peope would be able to enjoy more of the lesser known attractions and ahows and be in better spirits if they didn’t have to stand in line so much. Genie seems to be about the money, they make a ton already. If they don’t watch it soon it will be unattainable for a normal family or just not fun enough to go.

  8. Steven

    If you wait that long you’re doing it wrong. You’re going on a peak day, or not using the app to see wait times (lines fluctuate throughout the day) or trying to go on a ride right after it premieres or right before it closes forever.
    When I go my average wait is 20-30 minutes at most, with the longest I ever waited being an hour for Rise of the Resistance.

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