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Marvel's Avengers including Thor, Black Widow, Captain Avenger, Hawkeye, Iron Man, and the Hulk, look up at the destruction of the city.

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  1. PJ

    Disney will screw him over just like they did Johnny Depp. Disney believes in guilty until proven innocent. And even then, Disney will admit to no wrong doings and offer no public apology.

    1. AH

      Yep. Could not have said it better.

    2. Linda Camacho

      Movie goers tend to believe every accusation and they boycott costly films on the slightest rumor of wrongdoing. It’s not pretty or nice, but it’s a business preservation move.

    3. Marc

      You mean people will screw him over. He is already guilty in the eyes of public opinion

  2. S

    Um so who got fired??

    1. J L


  3. Michael

    Come on people. Innocent, until proven guilty.

  4. Ash

    Why publish this unfair decision then say “it’s important to note that no statement has been confirmed “ I hate the Hollywood industry! So quick to condemn and Cancel 🤦🏽‍♀️ to confirm, he’s actually been cleared of any alleged charges so if that’s the reason for the so called delay and they do replace him the movie will suck‼️

  5. Brian

    So no one has been fired and we don’t know why Disney delayed the Assembled project. Regurgitated news passing itself off as breaking news. Blocking this whole website.

  6. Scott

    So far, the evidence points to the girlfriend making up her story. I would recommend Disney wait for the process to work itself out. Majors is a very good actor and will do Kang justice if in fact, he is innocent.

  7. Pachuco Mas Puto

    I’m just glad they got rid of Brie Larson

    1. Sac621

      What’s wrong with Brie? Sorry if I’m out of touch when concerning her.

    2. h

      tell me you’re an incel without telling me you’re an incel…

  8. Jordan

    It’s important to remember that nothing has been confirmed and that this report is just speculation currently.

    What a great “report”

  9. Yaz

    So I see the trend has now leaked into the MCU of accusations being made against men of color by women lookN to cause harm to their career and/or to get paid…u see it regularly in sports…

  10. Kody

    What is going on with you Marvel studios and Disney???? So you all have your heads misplaced somewhere else or are you purposely trying to sabotage yourself??? I grew up reading marvel comics for a long time ever since I was a lad and grew to love your movies up until very recently. Either grow up and stop disappointing your fans, or just stop making Marvel movies and shows.

  11. Mookdog

    The man is innocent and they still trying to fire him, this world is sick

  12. Twann

    I am about fed up with cancel culture. Until the man is proven guilty, he should be allowed to work in his chosen profession.

  13. Robert lo

    They need to leave that man alone america voted for a man that had done much worse and we know it happened we don’t know if this happened. I think what happened is this black man was targeted for haven’t such a good career so fast for example look at what happened with Johnny Depp has he been fired and kept out of anything bad enough our super man was taken away from us

    1. Jon Ty

      I agree, how the current president is still in office is horrible.
      Yet, they leverage more on people when there are only unproven accusations.
      Always another witch hunt to go after.

      1. callingit

        LOL. Keep worshipping the rapist, con man, who tried to overthrow a democratic election. Cults love a good tool.

    2. Ali

      Disney fired him too and realized they shot themselves in the foot as soon as he was proven innocent.

  14. TheRealDjango

    WOW…. nothing can go smoothly for Disney/MCU since 2019!!! SMH
    Jonathan Majors…. ☹️

  15. PurpleHaze

    What happened to the principal of innocent until proven guilty in a court of law not the court of public opinion. When did placing oneself in another person position become obsolete in this society. I am sure that any of us who were accused of a legal offense would want the benefit of the doubt until we could clear our name. Empathy and compassion are still admirable traits to display.

  16. Robert J. Walters

    Honestly , who cares about allegations that are not proven !!! … full-speed ahead , gotta make that money 💰!!!

  17. Why is there always a rush to judgment? So many people lose when things are not thought out and put out into the mainstream media and the internet without all the proof and mainly all of the truth! Let’s end more careers and relationships behind false accusations and simple misunderstandings! Yes Domestic Violence is real but so are Disagreements…Find the truth out before running with the false narratives…

  18. Frank

    Recasting this role is inevitable. Disney should cut their losses and keep to their production schedule . Ant Man’s poor script is hopefully an anomaly that Disney/Marvel can get past along with this Jonathan Majors scandal.

  19. Maybe those actors,male and female,need to realize, just because they’re wealthy now,doesn’t mean they are supposed to get away with more.

    1. Jon Ty

      Tell that to Johnny Depp and many others who were wrongfully accused.

    2. Karen

      Get away with more like what? The woman recanted her lie. Witnesses said she lied. And???

    3. David T.

      What are you rambling on about? It’s your type of thinking/judging of people before he/she has even seen a day in court, that is wrong with society today. You cancel culture tools are why there is so much wrong out there. You are part of the problem.

  20. Peter

    “It’s important to remember that nothing has been confirmed and that this report is just speculation currently.”
    But we’ll report it anyway and ruin another actors career.
    The media are irresponsible.

  21. Kathy Hutchins

    So we are no longer innocent until ‘proven’ guilty in a court of law. We just destroy people’s lives without evidence? People lie, especially vindictive women and people trying to get money they haven’t worked for. I’d rather wait until the trial!

  22. Deborah

    It’s unfortunate that Majors is assumed to be guilty before his day in court. Whatever happened to “innocent before proven guilty?”

  23. Teddy


  24. Teddy

    Read it

  25. Jon Ty

    So, the fact that she recanted her statement means absolutely nothing?
    Did Disney learn nothing from the drama surrounding Amber Turd?

  26. Carl Manning

    I am against any form of domestic abuse but allow the court to decide whether or not Jonathan is guilty. I would hate to see his character Kang go to another actor especially since he makes the Kang character the type of villain you love to hate. Fans want what fans want but guys don’t judge a person on one incident

  27. Mr. Miller..

    Disney is so far left and gone from what was once the best dream for children that they will mess everything from here on out UP Walt himself is rolling in his grave, and America is fed up with their favoritism, lack of honor, and lack of self respect and dignity that I hear kings island calling they atleast stay neutral and out of choosing sides. Disney=Failure.

  28. Hawk


  29. Carol R Adams

    People need to keep their comments about someone until they get the real facts and truth. Every time someone tries to make it in life there’s always someone making it hard for others to succeed, I pray that this young man be proven innocent of any wrong doing. Disney should never fired him until they learn the truth, they never give anyone the benefit of doubt and this stinks to high heavens. When women accused men of wrong doing and when He is found innocent then charges should be put on the accused.

    1. Michael

      It’s you who are jumping to conclusions. Disney fired nobody and has made no comments about Majors. Stop falling for this fake cancel culture nonsense. It hasn’t happened. Disney is waiting to pass judgment only if charges are filed.

  30. ThatGuy


  31. Michael

    If the MCU fires Johnathon Majors they will not get any Black Male and their families to come see another Movie. Black Panther was great except for the 2nd Movie too much Delusional Black Female. Hollywood better be on notice! You can not take away the Black Male Image..

    If they fire this Man they Will Lose The Black Family Support Period.

  32. So what do you expect of movies these days? It’s been a long time since we had adult movies with the qualities of Gone With The Wind!

  33. Max Hogan

    So he’s possibly guilty for pushing a woman into a car? Go f yerself Disney. Fookin snowflakes.

  34. Karen

    The woman lied. She admitted to lying. Witnesses said she lied. How about posting that too.

  35. SR

    Haha, when the author’s “Bio” is a list of his favorite Disney rides you know you’re in for a treat.

  36. Eliminating the inly real star in which the MCU has had a impact with his performance. So if majors is fired i will not have a new or compelling reason to watch what i thought was obvious their new star

  37. Sherlocked

    I always thought the actor playing Kang was poor casting.
    I’m disappointed that they got rid of Brie Larson, her personality and acting style reminded me of RDJ.

  38. J

    Yet they stick with Ezra Miller?

  39. Scott

    Disney is dead to me anyway. I’m over that corporate

  40. Juz' Sayn'

    In this world of vicious lies, rumors and deception it’s hard to believe anything or anyone…I say innocent until proven guilty…Screw cancel culture it’s another form of control !!!

  41. Alhamisi

    Johnathon has proven that he was innocent. This angers me because people always assume the worse. I hope that Disney reconsider keeping Johnathon. He would be a great asset to the Marvel Family. I love him as an actor. It would truly be Disney’s loss.

  42. Rue

    In truth Disney is screwed… on one hand if Majors didn’t do then they are evil corporation for a condemning an innocent man or the back Majors and he is guilty then they are the evil corporation that backed a bad guy who abused a woman. OR the truth is they don’t know what happened and are backing out to play it safe, in which the are the uncaring corporation thats only trying to protect them and their projects. God forbid.

  43. Jacki

    So, according to Disney you’re a woman and can have babies….even though you have a penis and no uterus. Which is a proven FACT. BUT, we’re going to fire and actor over pure SPECULATION. Yeah, Disney. Yet another reason why everything Disney is not allowed in our house. Ridiculous.

  44. Pooh

    Ezra miller can do whatever he wants and gets a new movie with “raving reviews” but Jonathan gets accused and he’s canceled?

  45. LC

    Last I checked the writer’s strike is going on and nothing is changing at the moment.

  46. Marc

    Speculation= Malicious gossip. Do better.

  47. Wendy

    Besides losing Iron Man and Captain America, we also lost Black Widow…MCU just not the same without them and the rest of the original Avengers! I don’t do well with change! LOL

  48. callingit

    Wow, why are there right wing cult members on a Disney site if they think Disney is woke? LOL. I guess to troll.

    Innocent until proven guilty is for the government not for private businesses. Same goes for free speech.

    I think he wasn’t great for the part. And Marvel Studios realized it too. So here’s a great excuse to cut ties.

  49. Miloš

    And actor that played Namor is next to go, so I hear…

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