Disney Animatronic ‘Dies’ in Front of Florida Guests

in Walt Disney World

Two old men Muppets.

Credit: @suhyuunn

Guests witnessed a bizarre malfunction while experiencing one of the most beloved and unique attractions at Disney World.

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Credit: Disney World

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios is perhaps the most thrilling of the four Parks at Walt Disney World. Here, Guests will find some of Disney’s most exhilarating attractions, like Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, as well as some of Disney’s most immersive and high-tech experiences, like Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

However, the attraction we’re talking about today is neither high-tech nor all that impressive, but it’s become a beloved part of the Disney World Resort.

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Credit: Disney

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Muppet Vision 3D is a classic attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and has been operating since 1991. During the 3D movie, Guests are witness to dozens of classic Muppet gags as they watch Kermit, Gonzo, Beaker, Rizzo, Fozzie Bear, and Miss Piggy put together a spectacular show that can only be described as “explosive.”

Unfortunately, one of the animatronics and stars of the show recently malfunctioned, resulting in a somewhat shocking sight for Guests who noticed.

Waldorf and Statler, the grumpy and sarcastic old men that taunt the Muppet crew, emerge on the second floor midway through the attraction in animatronic form.  Normally, this pair of Muppets talk and make fun of Guests watching the show. However, one of the animatronic figures broke down.

A photo of the incident was captured and shared online, which you can see down below:

This is honestly something we’ve never seen happen at Muppet Vision 3D, and while it’s certainly concerning, we can’t help but laugh a little.

Hopefully, Disney will make the necessary repairs, and the attraction will continue working at its full operational capacity.

Do you enjoy Muppet Vision 3D? What’s your favorite ride or attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

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