‘Across the Spider-Verse’ Reportedly Releasing New Version in Theaters, Fixing Biggest Issue

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Spider-Man falls through the multiverse

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Those who have already hit the theaters to see Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, might have joined the online community and voiced their opinion about a horrible aspect of the new movie. It wasn’t the length of the film, the story, or even the characters. There was one glaring issue that many moviegoers experienced, which is reportedly being fixed.

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Across the Spider-Verse is the second movie in the trilogy of the Spider-Verse, that showcases Miles Morales as he traverses life as Spider-Man, right after the death of Peter Parker. The first movie showcased Miles growing into his own as the titular hero, but the second took on a brand-new direction.

Miles Morales finds himself at odd ends with the Spider Society, a collective of the multitude of Spider-People in a Multiverse designed for Spider-Man variants. However, once Miles releases a harsh truth about his existence, he does what he can to correct that truth.

We won’t spoil the movie for those who have not seen it, and we will simply stick with the vague description of the synopsis above.

Plenty of people have already seen the movie, though a common issue has been talked about, which has everything to do with the sound.

‘Across the Spider-Verse’ Is Reportedly Fixing the Sound

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We would like to say that Across the Spider-Verse is a fantastic movie, but we even collectively experienced one big issue at the theaters. For some odd reason, the sound mixing for this sequel was terrible. Droves of people hit social media to explain the phenomenon of not being able to hear the dialogue from the characters and the special effects in the overall movie.

It was bizarre, and we believed it was a simple flub by only a few theaters. However, it appears this issue is widespread, but is now being addressed. An insider source called Cryptic HD QUALITY posted on Twitter that theaters have already begun to receive this new edition of the movie.

We would like to state that this has not been confirmed by Sony yet, but if this new version of Across the Spider-Verse is beginning to roll out today, we expect an announcement to come soon.

According to a follow-up tweet by a fan, Cryptic HD QUALITY also indicated that this process might be rolling out slowly. This is why Sony and the corresponding theaters have not made a full statement or announcement yet.

Across the Spider-Verse has some big shoes to fill, as its predecessor won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. However, the current sequel aims to do what no animated film has previously done: win Best Picture. Though the sound issues have nothing to do with the overall story, we imagine Sony would need to fix those issues so that the movie can be experienced how it was initially intended.

Anyone who has already seen the movie can also make a trip back to the theaters to get the whole experience. Though we understand that most people won’t want to sit through a 2-hour and 16-minute movie again, we hope to give it another chance with this improved sound.

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Across the Spider-Verse is not ruined by the sound mixing, but it is a clear-cut issue that was big enough to be addressed. Again, we would like to state that this has not yet been confirmed, but we expect some sort of statement this weekend.

Are you willing to watch Across the Spider-Verse again with better sound? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!


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