Where Did She Go Wrong? Woman Spends $4K for One Day at Disney

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Where Did She Go Wrong? Woman Spends $4K for One Day at Disney

A woman was slammed late last week after a TikTok video she posted went viral. In the video, she explains how she spent nearly $4,000 for one day at Disney World. But that’s not even the worst part.

We all know how expensive a Disney vacation can be. Families spend thousands of dollars on resorts, merch, food, and Park tickets. Not to mention airfare and much more.

But where did she go wrong? I will explain where she could have saved money and how these methods might help you the next time you plan your Disney trip.

Where Did She Go Wrong? Woman Spends $4K for One Day at Disney
Credit: Inside The Magic

Women Get Roasted on Social Media for Spending Nearly $4K for One Day at Disney World.

A woman on TikTok, @_reignland, was wholly blasted by Disney fans on the popular video app after posting a video where she spent a whopping $3,758.

The worst part about this? She only got to ride two attractions the entire day with her family.

Don’t believe me? Check out the full video below.


Robbery in broad daylight 😮‍💨 And we still have 2 more parks to go 🥲 #disneyworld #disneyworld50 #howmuchispendinaday

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Although she received some love from her post, most of her comments were based on how insane this decision was and how she could have spent less money on this one-day trip to the most magical place on Earth.

So I think…how could she have spent less on this trip? Are there ways she could have saved a lot more money? Could she have gone on more rides?

Let’s quickly go on a bit of adventure, where I break down where she went wrong and how she could have saved much more money on this WDW trip.

Disney's Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

Where She Went Wrong and How She Could Have Fixed It

Off the bat, this woman made one of the biggest mistakes you can make when visiting any of the Disney World or Disneyland Parks: spending money on Lightening Lane before doing some research on the type of day you are visiting.

Disney World Castle on the left and phone with Genie+ on the right
Credit: Inside the Magic

Mistake #1 Lightning Lane Before Researching

There’s no need to purchase Lightening Lane immediately if you know which day you’re going and how packed the Parks will be—research before heading to the Parks to determine which decision is best.

So let’s pretend she opted out of Genie+, saving herself money. Just how much? Keep reading to find out.

Disneyland located in Hong Kong
Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland

Mistake #2 The Ears Can Be Bought Elsewhere for Cheap

I understand the need for Mickey or Minnie ears while at Disney, but knowing she had her kids, she could have just gone onto Amazon beforehand and bought these ears:

Where Did She Go Wrong? Woman Spends $4K for One Day at Disney
Credit: Amazon

She went from $130 to literally $16, saving her $114, and she even has extras for their next Disney vacation.

Cinderella puts crown on young Guest at breakfast
CIt’st: Disney

It’s Not a Mediocre Breakfast If You Spend Nearly $250 on It

This one may be up for debate, but hear me out. Growing up poor, I know something about cutting a few corners to spend more money on the experience rather than the food.

If not, I limit myself to one meal in the Park and then pack some lunch and breakfast foods in my Park bag to save money.

I’ve done this before at Magic Kingdom and Universal Orlando Resort. It works every time, and I get to put away some bucks for another time.

Although I understand when taking your kids to Disney, you want them to have the whole experience. But that doesn’t mean blindly picking a random dining experience you see and just walking in, not knowing what to expect.

So to fix her mistake of unknowingly spending $223 on breakfast food at Disney, she should have done this instead. Head over to Magic Kingdom, where you can pay $3 to $6 on food and beverages for breakfast as you start your day out.

She could have brought down her breakfast from $233 to $50 at best with her and her family.

Or, if she wanted to save all that money, she could have had breakfast at their Resort or stopped someplace outside of WDW to eat, which would have dedicated her anywhere from $100 to $140.

So that puts us at nearly $247 saved so far.

Let’s keep going.

A round brownie with red Mousse on top, decorated with chocolate Mickey ears and cream to look like a Mickey Santa hat. A red spiced cake in the shape of a hamburger, with chocolate ice cream in the middle. Green chocolate Tinkerbell wings don the top of the cake.
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Disney Snacks – Skip or Buy

We all love getting a snack or two (or more) while visiting our favorite place on Earth, but Disney snacks can get a little pricey.

The woman in the TikTok video spent $137 on snacks alone, which was not a good idea, especially if you have a family and want to save money.

Sharing is caring, and it could be fun, so I recommend sharing the trees with the family.

Not only that but limiting yourself to only a couple of snacks throughout the day (one after lunch and one as you leave the Park).

So with this information in mind, you also want to ensure you are researching beforehand which snacks you want to buy, not just because you’re hungry.

That’s why you can pack snacks in your backpack or leave treats in your Resort fridge or inside a cooler in your vehicle to enjoy on your way home from your Disney vacation.

So if you followed my rule of thumb regarding snacks, the woman above would have saved between $70 and $75.

So up to now, I have already saved this family $317. 

But it isn’t over yet. Let’s keep going.

Disney's PhotoPass
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

To Disney PhotoPass or Not, That Is the Question

Disney offers Guests the chance to capture every beautiful moment while families visit their Theme Parks around the world.

At WDW, it can be enticing to purchase this option as you’re probably spending too much time planning what to do at all four Parks.

Disney PhotoPass, although sometimes worth it, is best to skip if you have the latest smartphone. Most of these new phones have 4K HD camera lenses that will perfectly capture those special moments.

Instead of spending that $170 on Disney PhotoPass, she could have entirely saved that money for something else.

So, as we reach our next mistake she made at Disney World, here’s how much I’ve saved her so far: $487

We’re not done, though.

Toy Story
Credit: Disney

Be Wise About Your Decisions on Major Attractions at Walt Disney World

It can be unsafe when first walking into any of the WDW Parks. You’re not sure what to ride first or what to ride last.

This is why I recommend, once again, researching your decisions beforehand. It is not just to know what you want to ride but which attractions come with the highest wait times due to their popularity.

That was this woman’s mistake when going into Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land, which have some of the highest wait times around WDW.

Instead of waiting 4 hours to ride two rides in two different lands, she could have looked ahead, gotten the official WDW app, and checked for wait times before entering the Parks.

I’m not saying skip out on their favorite attractions, either. The video shows that the family is a big fan of Star Wars and Toy Story. So maybe instead, she could have checked on the app, made sure to go for the shortest wait times, not spend so much time looking and buying snacks, and instead could have gotten on other rides throughout the Parks.

Even if she did ride one of the popular rides mentioned in the video, she could have still had nearly 3 hours spent getting to other attractions.

So besides saving her nearly $500, I also kept her around 3 hours of her and her family’s time.

We are moving on now to those tickets mentioned at the start of the video.

Emporium at Disney World's Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

Can You Save on Disney Tickets for the Entire Family?

Not too long ago, I did a piece covering some of the most innovative and reliable ways anyone can save on Disney tickets.

I understand sometimes people do not have the luxury to plan their Disney trips that far out in advance, but with enough patience and good digging, anyone can find discounted Disney tickets for the entire family.

Remember to use your logic to find accurate and authentic websites where you can save money on tickets to WDW. Places like these:

Now, it looks like she spent all her time at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at WDW, meaning she went to one Park – one Park and spent all that money…oh boy. 

Anywho, let’s say she took her time and did not buy the tickets at the gate (which were much more expensive) and decided to search online for great discounts. How much could she have saved with access to this Park?

After looking at websites like the ones listed above, it could be determined that she could have saved a lot of money on tickets for one day at one of the Disney Parks.

For instance, you can get three days at Disney for three adults (10+) and one child (3-9) through Undercover Tourist. Based on the video above, there seemed to be one child, and the rest of the family qualified as adults.

Based on that information, she would have been able to get three days at Disney World in December (the video was uploaded around that time in 2022): $1833.50

Where Did She Go Wrong? Woman Spends $4K for One Day at Disney
Credit: Undercover Tourist

Now, that is a lot of money. But still, that is less than the amount she spent one day at Hollywood Studios.

So for the updated savings portion, based on those numbers and the numbers she provided, we can estimate that a daily ticket during the start of December for Hollywood Studios is roughly $572.

So with no Genie+ or additional add-ons, she would have spent $572 instead of $870, saving her $298.

So up to now, I would have saved her $1463.

Moving on to the final piece of this unnecessarily expensive puzzle, we now look at Resort options, including those affiliated with Disney.

Where Did She Go Wrong? Woman Spends $4K for One Day at Disney
Credit: Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World – Stay on Property or Uber/Drive to the Parks?

Walt Disney World Resorts can be expensive for a family looking to visit Orlando for WDW. But Disney is also affiliated with nearby hotels that sometimes offer free shuttles to and from the Parks. Towards the end of the video, she mentions spending $997 for a WDW Resort stay.

WDW Resorts can be as high as $400 per night, with some Resorts offering low rates of $130 per night.

In the video caption above, she states they still have two more parks to visit. Based on the information, it can be deduced that she and her family most likely stayed four days (with an extra day for travel).

As we look at WDW Resorts and offsite Disney-affiliated hotels, I will compare a normal/average price for a Resort onsite vs. a Disney-affiliated hotel off-property.

Where Did She Go Wrong? Woman Spends $4K for One Day at Disney
Credit: Disney

For the WDW Resort, I chose Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort, which from the image above, you can see for a standard room for three nights, with taxes and fees, her total would amount to $633.34. Not bad for an onsite WDW Resort.

Let’s move on to the offsite Disney-affiliated hotels. I went with Club Wyndham Bonnet Creek, which brings her total for four days and three nights to $607 (including taxes and fees) for a family suite.

Where Did She Go Wrong? Woman Spends $4K for One Day at Disney
Credit: Expedia.com

With these totals now all brought out, we can expect she would pay for the one that is the least expensive, the offsite hotel. That would mean she spent $997 when she could have saved $607, saving $390.

That means I could have saved her $1,853 on her trip, bringing her brand new SAVED total to…

$1905 (guesstimate)

That’s nearly half of what she spent!!! Phew…my brain is done with all this math. I hope this wasn’t confusing!

I am sure there are those out there that can save her even more money, which I think is fantastic. Anytime you can save money on a Disney vacation is a win.

It pays to do your research first and come to conclusions. In the age of internet influencers and YouTube personalities who claim they can save you this or that, just do your looking and conclude what is best for your family.

Let me know in the comments below if you could have saved her more money! I would love to find that out; you might be able to save someone else a ton of money before they head off to Disney!

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