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'The Little Mermaid'; Ariel closeup on the front and Ariel and Eric in Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' (2023) on the left

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  1. Deez

    I wouldn’t call it strong at 69% with only 87 reviews.

  2. Razor

    How is a C/D rating from CRITICS “strong?” It’s an ugly film with a weird message about the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, and it just sucks. STOP MAKING THESE REMAKES!

    1. Torri

      Wait what? It hasn’t even come out to the public yet. You saw it? What message about Harry and Megan are you referring to?

  3. AJ

    I wouldn’t expect a negative comment on this thread considering anything negative is blocked from posting. Lol. Nice try! Disney. You movies going to flop.

  4. King Triton

    Blackwashing continues on

  5. Lester

    They are pushing their disgusting agenda, not making a movie. Walt Disney’s legacy is truly dead and rotting.

  6. Randy

    They shouldve played the characters as they were originally written. This is a disgrace. Will not go see until disney fixes its mishaps with casting directions! And also stop with the remakes. Go back to imagineering. Make original films! Thats what your known for!

  7. Rick TR

    Review bombing? How about the fact their films are crap.

  8. Steve K

    We just tell it like it is. These remakes that try to appease the few are destined to bomb. You guys tell me how the movie is. I’ll never go see it.

  9. Ls

    Take a classic that was written and change it up just to appease a few people is ridiculous.. The Little mermaid was my favorite Disney movie and this is an atrocity if you wanted to remake it then make it like the original I have no problem black white gray orange I don’t care create new rolls but don’t take an iconic movie and change it up so much that it’s unrecognizable that’s just my opinion.. and I will also say it’s an original iconic movie had a black actor in it that made it famous and then they remade it with a white actor I would have a problem with that as well it’s not about black or white it’s about taking a classic and changing it so it’s unrecognizable that’s what I have a problem with

  10. Rob

    Remaking traditional movies is so wrong on so many levels.

  11. MrSwags

    remember, if a movie with woke themes scores low, it’s because of rEviEw bOmBiNg, not because it’s a bad movie. blackwashing, ugly-ass CGI, rewriting original lyrics, it’s a lifeless imitation of the original and deserves all the low scores it gets.

  12. Jamie

    Honestly I saw the movie and it was just bad. There’s no two ways about it.

  13. Mike

    Well since there’s nothing wrong with not sticking to source material. Miles Morales should be Mexican, you know for inclusion..

  14. PAT

    Why don’t you crybabies just go watch old yeller and my friend flicka and lassie since you don’t want to grow up and let the next generation make movies and work and have a life. Grow the hell up

    1. Ronnie chrissy

      You call race swapping a previously made character……MAKING A MOVIE?????!? DELUSIONS

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