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Actress Halle Bailey looking at her character Ariel from the live-action 'The Little Mermaid' (2023)

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  1. Cameron McElroy

    No, thanks! Disappointed!

  2. Sarah

    I hope all Ariel related rides, performances, and merchandise get updated to highlight the new Ariel.

  3. Michael Holland

    I love the new little mermaid! get over yourselves people, progress happens with or without you!

    1. Stan

      If you’re hitching your progressive star to a kids movie then you’ve got bigger issues to worry about mate

    2. Lester

      Another woke, brainwashed, self-hating leftist. GG, you’re losing the life race on purpose, Waldo.

  4. Keith

    Totally Ridiculous !!!! The Little Mermaid is a Classic , Let it Forever stay that way !!! The new version of Ariel is a Joke , Stop Ruining Classic movies , Make your own !!!!!

    1. Courtney

      Make your own? Hmmm… not going to dive into that right now. They did nothing to ruin the classic, it’s still available for you to watch as many times as you would like. You never have to see the new one, it’s not mandatory for your life. I have not seen any of the live action movies (no protest, my son is older and is more interested in Marvel) and I am perfectly okay.

    2. Connie

      Keith, I agree 110%.

  5. Naomi dalach

    Leave the classic Ariel alone. Why do you think you have to change things when everyone associates Ariel with the animated version, Totally disappointed in Disney

    1. Cameron McElroy


    2. Fay

      Yes leave Hans Christian Andersons alone

  6. Steve K

    You guys tell me how the movie goes since I’ll never see it. This is such a great country. When doing a remake, Disney has the right to change whatever they need to so they can be meekly obediant the to the woke voice/agenda and I have the right to not go see it. Wonderful how things worked for me. Not sure if it works out for Disney though. Will it be the next flop??

  7. Marie

    Sorry….but the trailers I have seen of the movie look very dark and more like a scary (not horror) movie than anything else. And I guess Disney walked away once again from historical accuracy of the original character.

    But hey….I guess being woke meansore than being historically accurate. (Guess the Disney clowns also missed the memo as to how the Brier character historically originated with AFRICAN folk tales. )

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