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Actress Halle Bailey playing Ariel in 'The Little Mermaid' (2023) (closeup and movie moment collage)

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  1. Dr. Stephen J. Krune III

    I can’t wait to see this movie! The beautiful wall-eyed Halley is going to be a huge star! I’ve already collected many photos of her for my “beat off shrine”

  2. BudLite

    Jess Colopy doesn’t pass.

  3. Anon

    Go woke, go broke. Good for China. Why is her race so important? Hollywood’s whole “ELEVATE BLACK VOICES” is now so forced and out of proportion, even liberal countries in the world are laughing at forced it is.

    1. Alec Tong

      Wokism is not related to China. China is anti LGBTQ and its citizens are fed racist views on blacks.

  4. Sam Smith

    Disney had its worst stock year since 1974, for reasons attributed to Blacks portraying traditional white icons and “adding queerness” to children’s programming. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is destroying the country, American values and white culture with no regard for profits or financial performance.

  5. Deborah Greene-Elisha

    It’s sad that countries like china has to make it about race and color. America deals so much with china but they are so ridged and can’t enjoy a movie because of the color of the skin of a person. Why does it matter what they think and why should we cater to them on such matters when we already know how the feel? When one the last Star Wars come out china didn’t want to see a black actor displayed. I don’t know about this woke stuff but it’s sad that if a person of another race can’t play a live action cartoon, it’s crazy. Those people aren’t worth the our time. Why are we catering to hatefulness ? We should just enjoy the movie for what it is, a fairytale whether they be black, white or purple.

  6. Wonderfowl

    But… that’s just the Imax poster… We have that poster variation HERE domestically.

  7. Anonymous

    Get woke, go broke!

  8. Alec Tong

    I do not like the recent incarnation of Little Mermaid because the current political situation ruins it.

  9. bob

    what a bunch of losers in the comments. her voice is the most important thing not her race and halle is a beautiful singer. also it’s a kids movie, stop being miserable and let the kids enjoy it!

  10. Steve K

    Bob, if the voice is the most importatnt thing, there are countless good white actresses that sing as good or better than the girl they cast. Your comment makes zero sense.

  11. MickeyMouse3

    I could care less about the “race” in this flick. What bugs me is why Disney decided to remake the film in the first place? Leave original movies alone and create something new. Isn’t that what Disney is supposed to be famous for? I do think Disney cast Halle just to show how “diverse and inclusive” they can be. No fault of hers. Unfortunately, a talent such as Halle is now being politicized and Disney created the controversary by remaking something that did not need to be remade in the first place.

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